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Well, that came out of left field. Unless Ben Affleck got hacked, he just posted a video to his official twitter that will have fan boys and girls gleefully geeking out across the Internet. What could cause such an uproar? Hopefully this isn’t a hack or prank because Affleck just posted a video of Deathstroke, one of the coolest villains in the DC multi-verse. Check out the tweet and video below. (more…)


Just in time for the weekend release of the new Jason Bourne movie titled Jason Bourne, Honest Trailers has taken a crack at the first three films in the franchise. Matt Damon is back as everyone’s favorite amnesic super spy who doesn’t know who he is but knows a couple hundred ways to kill you with a spork, a spork with a broken tine. So before you head out tonight or tomorrow to check out Jason Bourne, check out this Honest Trailer. (more…)


Director Zhang Yimou‘s (House of Flying Daggers, Hero) The Great Wall is the most expensive movie made in China’s film industry’s history. The estimated $135 million dollar budget includes a mixture of well-known western and Chinese actors. Starring Matt Damon (The Martian), Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones), Willem Dafoe (Platoon), Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs), pop singing icon Luhan, and actress Jing Tian (Kong: Skull Island), we’re sure to see some incredible action scenes. The movie answers the question, What were they trying to keep out? (more…)


Everyone knows that Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck are tight, perhaps because they’re both so infamously tied to the “Bennifer” nuclear disaster known as Jersey Girl. But you know who else was in Jersey Girl in a cameo? Affleck’s BFF Matt Damon. Of course that wasn’t the first time Damon appeared in a Smith film, he had a small role in Chasing Amy, appeared as the angel Loki in Dogma, and appeared as himself – the star of Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season – in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Now, in Smith’s new AMC series Geeking Out, Damon is performing for the director again in a different capacity. (more…)


Matt Damon! After 2012’s experiment in making Jeremy Renner the inheritor to Jason Bourne, the real deal is back for the fifth film in the franchise called simply Jason Bourne. A lot’s happened in the nearly 10 years since The Bourne Ultimatum: global recession, austerity throughout Europe, Wikileaks, Snowden, the Syrian refugee crisis… And it’s all Jason Bourne’s fault! Just kidding of course, but given all that, is it any wonder that Bourne disappeared to join Third World Fight Club? At least he’s stayed in shape because as the new trailer shows, there’s going to be a lot of running, jumping, shooting, punching, driving, riding, falling and crashing for Bourne in Bourne. (more…)

Jimmy Kimmel took Oscar night to a new level with guest Ben Affleck promoting Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Affleck brought the sad news that Kimmel’s cameo in BvS had been deleted and might never been seen. He decided to soften the blow by bringing that deleted clip and trying to bury the hatchet between Kimmel and Matt Damon. Check out how it all turned out in the videos below. (more…)


Over the better part of two decades, Matt Damon has been the saved (Saving Private Ryan) and on more than one occasion, he’s managed to save an entire country (Invictus) and even the world (Elysium). Last year, he essayed Dr. Mann (Man) in Christopher Nolan‘s magnum opus of time, space, and love, Interstellar. To quote one character, Mann was the “best of us,” except he wasn’t the best of us, not by several million light years. This time out, though, Damon gets to indeed play the “best of us,” an irony-free, nearly super-heroic botanist inadvertently stranded on Mars (left for dead by his mission crew after a category awful dust storm) and forced to fend for himself, Robinson Crusoe-style (not to be confused with Robinson Crusoe on Mars, an entirely different film from a more innocent, more naïve time, i.e., 1964). Damon’s hero-botanist, Mark Watney, may be an every-man on the surface, but he’s also a science hero with a big brain and vast reservoirs of scientific knowledge, ingenuity, and resourcefulness. (more…)


The first trailer for Ridley Scott‘s The Martian is making the Internet rounds. The film stars Matt Damon along with a stellar supporting cast that includes Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Kate Mara, Michael Pena, Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Donald Glover. Before you tell yourself that you’ve seen this movie’s story before, take a look at the trailer. (more…)

Matt Damon: Maybe He’s ‘Bourne’ With It?


It seems you can take Matt Damon out of the role, but you can’t take the role out of Matt Damon (…no wait, …that isn’t right, is it?). Well, yeah, I guess you know what we mean anyway. It seems that Matt Damon has kept up his promise on returning to the Bourne franchise on one principle, if his partner in crime director Paul Greengrass agreed to come back. This leaves a few questions out in the open such as, where does this leave Renner Bourne Legacy sequel? Will it be getting shelved indefinitely, or will Renner become embroiled in part 5 of the monolithic franchise that has made 1.2 billion worldwide? (more…)