Matt Kindt

Matt Kindt

Matt Kindt is the creator of Mind MGMT, a mind bending monthly comic book from Dark Horse. Here, we talk to Kindt about his role on Ridley Scott‘s recently announced adaptation, having a set end for his opus,whether he’ll tie up loose ends, what is and isn’t real, the rumors that he might take the baton from Geoff Johns on DC’s Green Lantern book, and more.

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Comics Review: ‘MIND MGMT’ #1 by Matt Kindt

With Mind MGMT, we finally get an ongoing monthly series from the likes of creator-owned titan Matt Kindt. The gang at Dark Horse Comics is pushing this one big time, and with good reason. It’s everything you were hoping a Kindt series would be. A glance at the cover lets you know that there’s nothing else like it in comics, and it only gets better from there.