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We didn’t get to see her in Daredevil Season One but she was clearly mentioned.  Keen viewers who heard Foggy Nelson ask “what about that Greek girl?” when inquiring to Matt Murdock (played by Charlie Cox) about his former college fling, will have picked up on it as an obvious reference to Elektra Natchios; the on-and-off again love interest of Daredevil, who later becomes a Sai wielding deadly assassin and Ninja overlord.

Daredevil fans hoped this was more than just an Easter Egg, and that we would get to see the character integrated into Season 2; as she is such a central part of the Daredevil comic book mythos.

With filming currently underway, Netflix has announced the assassin/sometimes hero will indeed fill out the second season cast. And fans should be delighted to find that they picked the right lady for the job.  (more…)

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Happy Daredevil Day!  After months of waiting, Marvel’s Daredevil is officially available to stream, exclusively through Netflix.  For the past few days, we have been teasing you with some information we learned at last week’s Daredevil press junket but today, we are going to give you more bang for your buck! Want to know whether or not Daredevil will feel the weight of Civil War?  How about just how Rosario Dawson is able to balance her character’s relationship with Daredevil against Claire Temple‘s career? Do you want to know if Punisher will ever show up in the MCU? We have (some) answers to those questions and more! (more…)


If you have already made it through the first few episodes of Netflix’s new series, Marvel’s Daredevil, you’re likely cheering the new series.  The show truly evokes the spirit of the comic book series, especially the Frank Miller and Kevin Smith runs.  One of the most gorgeous scenes in the series so far is the hallway fight scene.  If you don’t know what this refers to, it is highly recommended that you go check out the series before proceeding with this story.  Go ahead, we’ll wait…. Ok, now that you’ve seen it, how badass was that?  Want to know how it was filmed?  Great!  We got the info straight from the horse’s mouth.

*Possible Spoilers Ahead! Fair Warning!



With just two months to go until the April 10th premiere of all 13 episodes of Marvel‘s new television series Daredevil on Netflix, the first trailer for the series is scheduled to hit tomorrow. Not content to leave us hanging, Marvel has released a 15 second teaser for tomorrow’s teaser trailer and you can see it here. Marvel should poke some fun at FOX‘s Fantastic Four reboot and release a Director’s Commentary for this 15 second teaser later today. (more…)


It looks to be another big year for Marvel in 2015, as Ant-Man will be making his diminutive presence known to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a big way on July 17th, and we will also see the return of earth’s mightiest heroes taking on their strongest foe yet in The Avengers: Age of Ultron . However, Marvel Studios will also be making a big impact on the small screen in the New Year with Agent Carter premiering on ABC in January during the midseason break of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which will pick up its second season after a powerful midseason finale. But, there is even more to add to the Marvel Television roster, as Daredevil and A.K.A. Jessica Jones will both be debuting too. (more…)

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Marvel Entertainment’s mission to overthrow DC’s domination of the small screen keeps putting fans first, especially where Steven Deknight is concerned. The showrunner for next spring’s Netflix ‘Daredevil’ series has no idea how to keep quiet about their plans. Time and time again, he’s stepped in front of cameras, microphones or keyboards to whet our appetites about Matt Murdock’s most exciting live action adventure yet. This time we have Twitter to thank for Deknight’s approach to sharing is caring. Having a severe case of “diarrhea of the tweets,” the tattooed top gun informed us about ideas for Elektra, the show’s rating, and more. Proceed without fear! (more…)

It was big news yesterday when it was all but confirmed that the film rights to Daredevil were going back to Marvel/Disney after 20th Century Fox was unable to get a movie into development in time. Now obviously, Marvel isn’t going to let such prime material stay dormant for long, and with a big, wide cinematic universe shaping up, they need someone street-level, and streetwise, to make the everyday criminals run and hide. A Man Without Fear, perhaps?

Let’s start with the obvious. Say goodbye to the 70s vibe. (See the “sizzle steak,” I mean “sizzle reel” below.) Although the flavor Joe Carnahan is offering smells very good, Marvel’s not going to set the Daredevil movie 40 years prior to where the rest of their characters are. So although it would be awesome to see Daredevil fight The Baseball Furries (or wherever that was going), I doubt that’s now going to happen. (more…)


Hollywood is churning out superhero movies almost faster than we can cover them. Almost. Here’s a superhero movie news roundup to start your day.

You may have heard director David Slade is planning a new Daredevil movie. The good news? This Daredevil will be a stand alone picture and in no way relate to the previous film adaptation of “the Man Without Fear” starring Ben Affleck. And a collective sigh of relief was heard from across the blogosphere. Slade explains for Obsessedwithfilm,

Forgot to look at the internet for a few weeks and its a litany of false (and not so far off) rumours. So without breaking confidentiality, yes Daredevil, we have a great outline for a very strong character driven take on Mr Matt Murdock. It will bare no relation to the previous Daredevil movie in any way. We are at early planning stages and have not yet discussed any cast.

Some already squashed rumours had Bradley Cooper or Garret Hedlund attached to play Matt Murdock. Any thoughts on who you’d like to see in the role of hero without sight?

Next we’ve got some news from the set of the new Ghost Rider film, Spirit of Vengeance, which is both a sequel and reboot, so a reboot? Nah, sounds too  Canadian. Here’s what director Brian Taylor had to say about the film to Think Hero‘s podcast,

We basically said, we want to do it, [would] absolutely love to do it, but it’s gotta be 100% different from the first movie, everything, except for Nic [Cage]. We want the character to look different, feel different, sound different. The backstory of the character’s different, the origin of the story is expanded upon in ways that the first movie didn’t hint at, at all. The location’s different, the whole cast is different; the only thing that’s the same is Nic…It’s pretty much a reboot, only with the same actor, which makes it: a requel. Or a seboot, I can’t decide which one I like better.

Umm, neither sounds better. And let me just say there is probably no better way to confuse your audience than to keep the same actor, change everything else and expect us to think it’s a completely different film. Most people will watch a trailer and think, “Huh, they’re doing a sequel to Cage’s first Ghost Rider film, I heard that movie sucked (because nobody saw it).” Here’s hoping you can convince the general movie-going public you’re making a better movie. Which it’s funny, why didn’t you make a good movie the first time around?

Taylor also mentioned the film’s villain, Blackout, whom we’ll hear all about at this year’s San Diego Comic Con,

[Blackout’s] a fun character. His powers are pretty cool, we did things with his powers that aren’t in the original comic books…We’re gonna do a huge splash at the Comic-Con. That’s when we really want people to see what the new, evolved Ghost Rider looks like as well as the first peeks at the villains.

The biggest and most ridiculous rumor of week is that Christopher Nolan might be giving us a female Robin in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. They only thing we know for a fact is that Juno Temple is being eyed for ” a supporting role as a street-smart Gotham girl.” Leave it to fan speculation and stupid minds to jump to a ridiculous conclusion ( *cough* like a female Robin. Not that a female Robin couldn’t work. A pint sized female teen did wonders for Frank Millers ‘The Dark Knight Returns”. However, Nolan has been pretty adamant about Batman’s sidekick NOT emerging in any of his bat films. Even Christian Bale said he would “refuse to go to work” if the character appeared in one of the movies (I’m too lazy to insert quotes. Just look em’ up)

Finally, we can confirm the villain in the new Spider-Man reboot will be the Lizard. Long has it been rumoured Rhys Ifans, who was cast at the film’s villain, would be portraying the scaly-skinned doctor gone bad but with actor C. Thomas Howell‘s slip-up on the podcast, Retro Radio we now know for sure,

Sony wants us to be hush-hush right now. I play a relatively small role. I play a construction worker whose son is caught in the middle of a battle between the Lizard and Spider-Man on the Manhattan Bridge. Spider-Man helps me get my son back from this perilous situation.

Oops. It’s a shame we never saw the Lizard make an appearance in Sam Raimi‘s Spider-Man trilogy. Dr. Conner had been played by Dylan Baker but never got to make the transition to Spider-Man foe. Surprising because I think Raimi could have squeezed a few more villains into the final cut of Spider-Man 3.

There you go, this has been you’re superhero movie news round-up. Bringing you all you need to know about blind crime-fighters, demon bikers and teen web-slingers.

source: Geeky Tyrant, Daily Blam, Blastr