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After five long years of shifting studios, multiple script rewrites, delays and re-shoots pushing it’s release into 2013 it has finally arrived –I Am Legend 2! Just kidding. It’s actually the first full trailer reveal for the apocalyptic zombie film World War Z starring Brad Pitt.

Based on the book of the same name by Max Brooks, World War Z was adapted to film with the help of Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment and Skydance Productions and directed for Paramount Pictures by Marc Forster. The movie tells the story of Gerry Lane (Pitt), a worker at the United Nations, as he searches the globe for information that can stop the zombie outbreak that is bringing down the nations of the world. We featured a sneak of the trailer a few days ago, but here is the complete package in its PG-13 tailored glory.

Honestly, from what we’ve seen so far this doesn’t look half bad. Paramount is offering viewers their own type of zombie, one that’s smarter and almost similar to the Vampire-based monsters of I Am Legend, except they won’t burn up in sunlight. A wise decision, considering if this pays off World War Z will be the first in a reported trilogy of films.

We’ll have to see how it all plays out as more of World War Z is released to the public and you know we’re going to keep you posted.

World War Z, starring Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, James Badge Dale and Matthew Fox hits theaters everywhere June 21st, 2013.

Sure, we were all sent into a tizzy when it was announced that the production of World War Z was going into seven weeks of major reshoots. Compounded by the six month delay in release, the fact that two writers were brought on to pen those rewrites and rumors of bad blood between star Brad Pitt and director Marc Foster, and it seemed that the film, based on the highly popular book of the same name, was in some deep… Well, you know.

Not so, says co-star Matthew Fox. While talking to Collider, Fox said that despite the hiccups, the finished project will be worth the wait:

“And they can have no basis in fact at all and suddenly it become[s] like a notion out there that World War Z is having problems. Everybody who I’ve spoken to that’s seen the film – it rocks, dude; it’s going to kick ass.  And the only issue that I’m hearing with the film is that they want to work on the third act; the end of the film.”

Which more or less confirms what’s already been said. Fox went on to say that the third act re-work was about making the film less open ended. Although the studio wants a trilogy of World War Z films, Fox says that the original ending left a few too many threads hanging:

“Obviously it’s supposed to be a trilogy, so they’re, you know I think they’re fine tuning an ending that feels like this movie wraps. In the original script I always felt it was the perfect combination of a complete film on its own and yet at the same time left you going like, ‘Oh my god, we need another installment.’  And so I think they’re just really fine tuning that, and it might require some additional shooting to get it the way they want it.  And I hear that Mr. Lindelof has been brought in to help with that.”

What do you think, Bastards? Has Fox assuaged your pessimism about the film, or are you dubious as you still harbor hard feelings about the Lost finale against him?

Too soon?

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Having bought the screen rights to Mel Brooks’ World War Z back in 2007, the production company owned by Angelina Jolie and Brad PittPlan B productions — has started its production of the film adaptation. Filming began earlier this week in Malta, doubling as Israel, where Pitt plays the fictional Max Brooks, an agent of the United Nations Postwar Commission, who is gathering personal accounts 10 years after the “Great Panic”. On-set photos are finally popping up as shooting continues until the 9th, when they move the set to Glasgow, Scotland.

The sets have been really well thought out by Pitt and his company, creating a border crossing complete with dozens of extras, both playing the living and the dead.

Pitt, himself, was also on set filming along with his near reflection — known as his stunt double. Look at those two and be amazed! Being a responsible father as well, Pitt even brought sons Maddox and Pax to watch a few explosions. Best. Dad. Ever.


So, the production of the World War Z movie is finally underway after a few years of just talking.
Filming has already begun, with Brad Pitt playing the lead role of the dude going around and interviewing all of these people and getting their accounts of the zombie war.

Now they’ve got to do some recasting, however. Two of the actors who initially signed on for the movie have been eaten by zombies and are, thus, useless to the rest of the cast.

Matthew Fox, who is best known for his role on the TV series Lost, will no longer be a part of the World War Z movie. This is due to a reported scheduling conflict with his other movie, I, Alex Cross, in which he stars alongside Tyler Perry.

On the other hand, who knows why Ed Harris has bailed. Perhaps he actually got eaten by zombies?

The producers are currently recasting those two roles. Even though they’ll probably sign on some lesser known actors, what do you guys think of this change in the roster?

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World War Z has risen from the dead thanks to financing and Star Trek’s 2 release date extended until 2012.  With Paramount getting in gear to shoot adaptation of Max Brooks‘novel World War Z, they’re busting their butt to fill out the empty spaces. Brad Pitt is set to play the lead role of a UN researcher investigating a zombie outbreak, while James Badge Dale, recently cast, will play Captain Spake, and Mirielle Enos the wife of Brad Pitt’s character.  Now the word on the street is that Matthew Fox, and Ed Harris are talking about being in the film.

So far there is no definite answer on their particular roles, and it has been said for sure that Anthony Mackie will be nowhere on the cameras roll, despite early rumors,  since he’ll be shooting Gangster Squad.

Here’s Publishers Weekly’s synopsis of Brooks’ novel, via Amazon:

Brooks, the author of the determinedly straight-faced parody The Zombie Survival Guide (2003), returns in all seriousness to the zombie theme for his second outing, a future history in the style of Theodore Judson’s Fitzpatrick’s War. Brooks tells the story of the world’s desperate battle against the zombie threat with a series of first-person accounts “as told to the author” by various characters around the world. A Chinese doctor encounters one of the earliest zombie cases at a time when the Chinese government is ruthlessly suppressing any information about the outbreak that will soon spread across the globe. The tale then follows the outbreak via testimony of smugglers, intelligence officials, military personnel and many others who struggle to defeat the zombie menace. Despite its implausible premise and choppy delivery, the novel is surprisingly hard to put down. The subtle, and not so subtle, jabs at various contemporary politicians and policies are an added bonus.


Huh, for a moment there I almost forgot about the oozing suck that was the final episode of LOST. While, some may look upon the spiritual finale as a beautiful pitch perfect ending, I am not one of those people. I invested six years of my life to this show and all I got was this lousy afterlife! Oi, I’ll have to save my rant for when I am drunk and feeling particularly vengeful. Instead lets address the whole flashsideways story arc of the final season. Sideways not being a flashback, flash-forward or an alternate timeline. More of a what would have happened if Oceanic flight 815 didn’t crash on the island but instead landed in Los Angeles. Of course, it was a little more complicated than that. And, like everything else on LOST it’s meaning wasn’t clear. Rather than just debating what WE think, let’s hear Matthew Fox’s opinion.

Here’s what Fox had to say during Newsweek’s Emmy roundtable:

“There are certain religious beliefs, spiritual ideas, that when you die, you have to remember your own death in the moment of your death, you have to remember all the people that brought you to that, all the people that were most important to you, bringing you to that moment. And essentially that’s what the entire Sideways was, I believe, in the sixth season. The moment that Jack was dying he was being reunited with all the people that had brought him to his death so he could move on to whatever was next. I thought it was pretty beautiful. Very spiritual. I’m not necessarily a religious person.

Well, that certainly settles that then. Now if someone will kindly explain, Who built the four toed statue and what does it mean? What’s up with the hieroglyphics in the temples? Why can’t women on the island have babies? If the smoke monster can’t leave the island, then how did he appear as Jacks dad in the hospital in L.A.?  What was up with the frozen wheel? Why don’t the rules of time travel apply to Desmond? Why did those returning to the island have to recreate  the circumstances of their first arrival? What was up with the magic light house? What is the nature of the light? Why weren’t Micheal, Walt, Lapidus or any of the other characters at the church? FUCK!

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