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With people losing their minds these last few weeks over the announced Batman vs. Superman movie, the real question isn’t how the movie will do, but rather who is going to be Batman. Man of Steel star Henry Cavill is set to return, but former Batman Christian Bale has decided on a more permanent “eight year break” leaving the cowl open to a new dark knight. Let fly the Hollywood rumor mill!

Last week the L.A. Times posted a popularity contest of stars, each of who have the potential to be the next Batman. The list included actors like Jensen Ackles and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It appears, though, a young squirt isn’t quite what Warner Bros. and DC are looking for. Sources say the script, which is in way early development, will be inspired from Frank Miller’s 1980s ground-breaking mini-series The Dark Knight Returns. The Batman featured is older and more rugged. A battle hardened hero.

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The Hollywood Reporter has revealed some top names that are being thrown around to play the tough old bats.  Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Joe Manganiello, Richard Armitage, Max Martini and Matthew Goode are the front-runners.

Alright, Brolin… now that’s a good pick! Regardless of who’s names are surfacing, we’re still in the early stages of development. The script is still being written. There’s no way the casting process has even remotely started. So, take all of this as hearsay. Theoretical casting stories to get your nerd gears moving.

Would do you think would be a good fit to replace Bale as the new Batman? Let’s hear what you think in the comment section below.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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Working with Zack Snyder really pays off, at least in the case of Matthew Goode. Goode, who played Ozymandias in Snyder’s Watchmen is now in the running to play bumbling reporter Clark Kent in his reboot of Superman.  I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty excited about the low-key British actor playing the role!  Clearly, Jon Hamm is too old for the role and I wouldn’t see the fucking thing if they recast Brandon Routh, even though he looked the part (he just didn’t do it for me).

Another nice thing about Goode being considered for the project is that since Snyder plans on relying mainly on CGI for the suit (just like The Green Lantern) this means that Goode wouldn’t haven’t to “beef up” for the part.  And I’ve gotta this guy definitely seems like a “good” fit.

Source: ComicBookMovie

In other “Man of Steel” news, next month Mattel will be releasing a 12″ Christopher Reeves Movie Masters Action Figure!  The figure will have a cloth-like replica from the suit in the movie, as well as a more muscular build.  The action figure will also consist of interchangeable hands, one for flight and one for punching.  Also included is a piece of the Fortress of Solitude with removal crystals.  The Superman action figure is the first figure being released in a series.  Next to follow will be General Zod on December 15th and a Lex Luthor as portrayed by Gene Hackman.  It seems like no matter how old, we get we never outgrow sweet toys like this and going for only 60 bucks we can add it to our bookshelves in no time!  Check out pics of the action figure after the jump!

Source: ComicBookMovie