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In the last twenty-four hours people have been stunned by SyFy’s latest freak of nature Sharknado, ourselves included. The made for TV movie starring Cassie Scerbo, Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, and John Heard was a social media sensation, sparking over a half million tweets on Twitter alone, but only gained an average 0.4 rating for viewers. That doesn’t translate to quality television, but as Deadline‘s reporting, this hasn’t stopped SyFy from thinking about their next shark-related sequel.

Not waiting for the viewing numberds, and based solely on those tweets, SyFy announced it was re-airing the film:

“Given the enormous popular demand, Syfy will present a special encore presentation of Sharknado on Thursday, July 18 at 7PM (ET/PT),” the network announced proudly this morning before the audience numbers came in.

There’s a reason they ok’d this before the actual audience numbers came in, the movie sucked – even by SyFy’s standards. In a report from Business Week the SyFy original movie, involving a freak hurricane flooding the city of Los Angeles and filling the city with man-eating sharks from tornadoes, only gained 1.3 million where on average SyFy movies have a regular viewership of 1.5 million viewers. It’s because social media like Twitter, where it received 5,000 tweets per minute at its peak, made Sharknado the “success” it appears to be.

So I guess things like Twitter and outrageous TV movies can come together and create magic. Those tweets were what made it made a worthwhile watch. Read on for the top 25 tweets from all the madness, including a few from one of Nerd Bastards own after the jump. (more…)


In keeping with Whovian tradition, when a Doctor leaves the show, fans must lose their ever-loving minds parsing every moment that preceded the announcement in search of clues while also wildly speculating about the future of the show and who will be the next TARDIS inhabitant.

Not wanting to be left out in the cold, we invited Nerdbastards and Blastr contributor Matthew Jackson to join us for a special Bastard Bonus Cast that is extra special and a bonus for you, our sexy and flexible listeners. The show is called: “What’s Next for Doctor Who?” and not “What is Doctor Who?” which is a show where Jeremy yells about two hearts while he stands in a closet that he swears is bigger on the inside.

Here is what you get when you choose to press play on this show, “The Bastard Bonus Cast: What’s Next for Doctor Who?”

– Matt Smith’s Legacy as The Doctor

– The Future of Doctor Who and Matt Smith’s Career

– Steven Moffat’s Time as Showrunner

– And Our Picks for The Next Doctor and the great debate about changing the Doctor’s race and/or sex.

So, press play because this shit is Timetastic!

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The Bastard Bonus Cast, Where my tribble’s at?