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2014’s Godzilla reboot was a fantastic film. Yes, it spent a little too much time on set up, but the nuclear lizard-fueled beat downs that followed were more than worth the wait. It also killed it at the box office, so its sequel felt like a total inevitability by the time the dust settled. Legendary Pictures wisely chose to bring back the creative team behind it for the sequel and its writer, Max Borenstein, has gone on record with a tantalizing teaser for the upcoming film, and we’ve got that juicy little quote here for you to wet your appetite. (more…)


Godzilla has had a career unlike any star of the silver screen. Debuting in 1954, Ishirō Honda’s Gojira was a somber, bleak and quite realistic depiction of the sheer destructiveness of nature (itself an allegory for humanity’s own penchant for destruction). From there, some 27 films later, the franchise has gone through many iterations. Sometimes Godzilla’s simply a monster, sometimes a hero, sometimes he’s truly terrible and frightening, and other times a chintzy, campy joke. Yet though all of it, Godzilla endures. [Minor SPOILERS follow.] (more…)


There’s always been a proud relationship between Godzilla and comic books starting way back in 1954 when the monster first started appearing in Japanese manga. Godzilla, at one point, even fought in The Avengers in 1979 when Marvel had the rights to publish Godzilla comics in America. Keeping that tradition in mind, Legendary Pictures, producers of the new film, are putting together a comic book prequel and publishing it under their Legendary Comics wing. (more…)

The Gareth Edwards’ (Monsters) Godzilla reboot seems to be suffering some of the same collateral damage the monster in question deals to the cities it visits. There’s good news and not so good news for our favorite rampaging atomic monster.

The good news is that Frank Darabont is going to handle the final rewrite of Max Borenstein‘s (Seventh Son) Godzilla script. How is that good? Frank is no stranger to the monster genre with his highly lauded work on The Walking Dead, The Mist, Kenneth Branagh’s Frankenstein, and the 1988 remake of The Blob. He certainly has the writing chops to get this done in a manner fans will enjoy.

The not so good news is that there’s trouble brewing in the Godzilla producers camp. Dan Lin and Roy Lee, who were among the original group of producers who teamed up with Legendary Pictures as the financier-producer are being forced out. Legendary now controls the rights and wants to drop the two producers from the project and bring in Legendary’s Thomas Tull and Jon Jashni, while keeping Brian Rogers, who was on the ground floor of the original deal. The money involved will certainly take this dispute to the courts which might hold up the May 16th 2014 release of the film.

What do you think? Can Darabont deliver, can the possible court cases be settled in time to get the movie made and out to the fans?

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