May the 4th be with you

Happy Star Wars Day!

And May the 4th be with you all.

Today, whip out your lightsaber, make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs and talking backwards begin, hrm. Why, you ask? For the love of our favorite sci-fi movie series, Star Wars. Sure, it’s had it’s ups and downs over it’s 34 year history. There have been some questionable alterations to the original trilogy and then there’s the prequels, but through it all Star Wars fans stay devoted. So, on today, the most pun-erific of holidays, fly your Star Wars nerd flag and wave it high. Who knows, you might find fellow fans of the Wars in the most unlikely of places.

Need tips on celebrating the venerated day? Oooh, I’m waaaay ahead of you. The most likely way you’ll want to celebrate the special day is with a movie marathon of the films. Lucky for you Lucasfilm made a special announcement today about the upcoming Blu-ray release of the complete Star Wars saga. They released the full list of special features included on the 9-disc mega edition, and there is enough crap to satiate even the most die hard of fans. Oh wait, except they’ve decided not to include versions of the original, unaltered films. Why? Because apparently Lucasfilm is trying to rewrite history. They want the first time we see Jabba to be when he’s talking to Han in the Falcon’s hanger in A New Hope. Or even worse, they want to ingrain the god-awful musical number from Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi in our minds forever. Or, ever worse than that, they would like to continually shit all over actors like Sebastian Shaw (the original Anakin we see all blue and glowy and the end of RotJ) and Jeremy Bulloch (the original Boba Fett, before we knew he was a clone and therefor had to sound like,¬†Temuera Morrison). Come on guys, can’t we watch the films the way we did in our childhood? I guess you can if you’re lucky enough to own some old VHS copies and a working VCR. Warning though, two decade old tapes tend to look mighty shitty on your 50-inch, plasma television. Just sayin’.

For the whole list of special features click the jump. Also beyond the jump is a list of more Star Wars stuff you need to ensure you’ll have the best Star Wars Day of your life. Well, at least a Star Wars Day where you’ve bought a lot of cool crap.



I’ve been to Scotland. When I think of it, it does NOT scream STAR WARS to me. I think of William Wallace and tons of old castles, especially Edinburgh castle. Well Edinburgh Zoo had it’s penguin trainers do an honorable homage to the new official Star Wars holiday May the 4th by having it’s committee of penguins march for its audience to Vader’s Imperial March. It’s adorable and cool to see the gang of icestorm troopers following their dark lord. It also makes me wonder what the fuck is in the zoo water in Scotland. All I know is that in America, you are not allowed NEAR the penguins in their habitats at US zoos. The force is with these penguins.