may the 4th

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As any nerd will automatically tell you, today is May the 4th, Star Wars day. Get it? May the fourth? Leave it to nerds to hijack a random day on the calendar and turn it into their own holiday based on a play on words (oh by the way, it’s also Free Comic Book Day, so a double pox on normies).

Celebrating the venerated day, fans will often dress up as their favorite characters, make intergalactic themed foods (Blue Milk, coconut covered chocolate Wookie balls…etc), get that rebel alliance tattoo they’ve been thinking about getting, write some unfortunate fan-fiction, and have a Star Wars movie marathon with friends and family and not the prequels. We at Nerd Bastards, however, wanna do something a little different….

Over the years, we’ve come across a number of videos inspired by the Star Wars. Some are good, some are bad, and some are extremely well done. There’s only a few, however, that stand out (in our eyes) as the best and funniest, and it is those that we present to you here, cue the scrolling text!

[Editor’s note: Our scrolling text guy missed his deadline… sorry]



I’ve been to Scotland. When I think of it, it does NOT scream STAR WARS to me. I think of William Wallace and tons of old castles, especially Edinburgh castle. Well Edinburgh Zoo had it’s penguin trainers do an honorable homage to the new official Star Wars holiday May the 4th by having it’s committee of penguins march for its audience to Vader’s Imperial March. It’s adorable and cool to see the gang of icestorm troopers following their dark lord. It also makes me wonder what the fuck is in the zoo water in Scotland. All I know is that in America, you are not allowed NEAR the penguins in their habitats at US zoos. The force is with these penguins.