Meet the Parents

DVD Tuesday 11/30/10


What’s up bastards! Here we are with another installment of NerdBastards’ weekly DVD Tuesday feature. We list what came out today and either recommend if it’s either a BUY, RENT, or PASS. Today we got a few releases that may interest you (more likely not).

As always, we have the Old is New section and the TV Show DVD section. Also, just a heads up, there is a certain movie coming out on Thursday which more likely most of you don’t care of (you know, that one with vampires and werewolves).

So what are you waiting for? Check what came out after the jump and see if there is something you want!



Ever wonder if your favorite movie would have been terrible if they went with the original cast? Or is there an overrated movie that ya thought would be better with a different cast? Over at wildammo, they did the thinking for you as they made many movie posters with the original cast on it so that you could just imagine how it would have been. From the Matrix to Meet the Parents, there are quite the few that may surprise you as there are some movies that would have been different, especially Star Wars. Check after the jump for the poster and start thinking what if. (more…)