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Tragic news from Mega City One today as it seems that despite the faintest hope of fans there will be no Dredd 3-D sequel coming soon to a theater near you.

The news comes from Adi Shankar, producer of Dredd (and The Grey and Killing Them Softly) who did a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit Wednesday. Shankar was obviously pelted with fan questions about whether or not there will be a sequel to Dredd, and while he didn’t rule it out complete, the possibility seems unlikely at best. But after being pressed later in the chat, Shankar offered an emphatic, “[n]ot going to happen =(“.

But not all hope is lost. Shankar last summer produced the sort-of Punisher sequel Dirty Laundry, a short film where Thomas Jane reprised the role of Marvel Comics vigilante in the skull shirt. Shankar mentioned that there’s chance now for a similar Judge Dredd project. He didn’t go into details, no word on whether the short will be a sequel or if actor Karl Urban will be a part of it playing Dredd, but Shankar did express interest in using Kickstarter.

What do you think, Bastards? Any Dredd better than no Dredd, or are you crushed with paralyzing disappointment about there being no Dredd 3-D 2?

Source: Comic Book Movie

New ‘Judge Dredd’ Pictures

Empire magazine has gotten their hands on some pictures from the upcoming Judge Dredd movie. Everyone has seen the Karl Urban as Dredd pics but this is the first real look at the Olivia Thirby‘s Judge Anderson.

Judge Anderson is the physic judge recruit that Dredd reluctantly takes under his wing. Not to say that he gives her any more slack than he gives anyone. He is the law after all. I do like the grittier look this film has shown us so far. Mega City One is not the paradise everyone hopes for. Pick up a couple of Judge Dredd books and you’ll quickly see a harsh world.

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