Mega Man 10

Mega Man Meets His Greatest Foe…


Can you name a foe that has been in most Mega Man games and is an instant death for the blue bomber. No, it’s not Wily and silly mustache. It’s not even any of the robot masters. It’s those damn spike pits. One false move and there goes another life down the hole and ya have to once again go through the stage. Well, PlatonicFriends created this awesome video showcasing how evil spikes are. The video shows that no matter what you do, the game (or Wily) will try to stick a spike up your ass. You know what, after watching this, maybe Wily really is the evil bastard doctor that he claims to be.

Source: Topless Robot, YouTube

mega-man-10-artworkSo, you know how Mega Man has the nick name Blue Bomber. So if one his power ups turn him brown, would he then be the Brown Bomber and thus be the $#!*… okay, I’ll stop. Capcom is once again cashing on Mega Man as the sequel to the first retro revival of Mega Man 9 (2008) has come out for the WiiWare and Playstation Network, and later this month X-Box Live Arcade, has come out this month. Mega Man 10, just like MM9, once again has gamers playing the classic 2D game play and the 8-bit graphics it was known for. 9 was a fun game but damn was that game. Check after the break for the awesome commercial Capcom released  for the game and also a review of Mega Man 10. (more…)

2415979622_9bbfc32ee6Nintendo held a huge new conference today, known as the Nintendo Media Summit, and once again, your Sony Trophy Whore gamer is here to give you guys the convenience to read it all in one post. Check after the jump to see what new Wii and DS/DSi stuff is coming for the gamers in the next couple months. (more…)