We see a lot of video game parody fan films and not to be an ass, most try to hard to be funny. Like that crappy SNL sketch that runs at 5 ti Midnight they often take one joke and latch onto with a painful death grip, trying to squeeze out a giggle. The internet thespians over at Mega64 have taken a completely different approach with their fan film The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.   This is not a parody video but a serious production filled with love and attention to detail. I can honestly say they captured the spirit of Skyrim absolutely perfectly. See for yourself after the jump.



In order to extend the shelf life of the current gen of consoles, both Microsoft and Sony are releasing motion control devices since you know, that dang Nintendo Wii is sooo ever popular with it’s library of crappy ass shovelware. Out of all the motion control stuff, 360’s Kinect is probably the most “futuristic” of them all with the whole camera and no controller deal. Well, the awesome dudes of Mega64 has open my eyes and made me realize, there is already something more better and that’s the “Kinect 4.” Check the video out as I had couple of laughs and remember, no one looks cool when they are pretending to be licked by some virtual pet.

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Wii-Play-Hard-8-450x300I, like most gamers, like to sit down on the couch and get into a game for hours, to the point that when you get up, your legs hurt from trying to do something healthy, such as walking. Well, all thanks to the Nintendo Wii, not all games can be played sitting down and with PS3 Move and 360’s Natal coming out soon, even more games can’t be played sitting down. Mega64, known for making hilarious videos based on video game culture, just released a new one with their opinion on the whole motion control situation that only has a sad ending so check the video out after the break. Will motion controls be the death of us gamers or are we going to start getting healthy all thanks to this?

Source: Unreality Magazine, YouTube Video