All New Mega Man Planned For 2017 Release

evolution of megaman

The Mega Man series has been running at full steam since it first launched in 1987. To this day, the classic story is still yet to reach its climax. The Mega Man legacy now spans over fifty games on 25 different platforms, multiple TV series and there is even talk of a movie in the works. For all the ups and downs it has faced over the decades, it has retained a hardcore fan base that laps up everything Capcom releases in the franchise. (more…)

Megaman Err I Mean Megadeath Man


Memba the box art for the original Megaman? (included after the jump) Memba how ridiculous it was? Totally mislead the buyer as to what the hell they were about to play. I can’t say the following art print would have implied game play any better but it certainly would have helped sell more games or would this be a case of “Megaman Sells But Who’s Buyin?” See that was actually a little bit of a Megadeath Qoute. The band had these custom made by artist Basilio Mendez for their Ft. Lauderdale show which took place this past weekend. Because of licenseing issues we probably won’t see this awesome illustration on any other merchandise. So you’ll be lucky to find just the poster on ebay, at some insane price, I’m sure. You can see more of Basilio Mendez’s concert posters and other work (some of which is not safe for work) on his MySpace page, which, of course, automatically plays heavy metal music as soon as the site loads.