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Most fans would be surprised to find anything Star Wars that they haven’t seen yet. The Internet every now and then, pops up something from days gone by to remind us all why Carrie Fisher became every nerd fan-boy and quite a few fan girls, ultimate fantasy.


There’s little wonder how she spawned a whole generation of male sexual fantasies. Just look at any popular nerdy shows and you’ll usually find one of the girlfriends dressed up as Slave Leia at some point. It’s one of the reasons I watch The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco‘s Slave Leia day is inevitable and will undoubtedly be incredible.

UPDATE: Apparently I suffered a major brain fart this morning forgetting this PSA Kally Cooco was in . . . enjoy.

Here’s a gallery of celebrity Slave Leia’s:

I’ll be in my bunk . . .

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Created in the 1960’s, Sabrina The Teenage Witch was originally nothing more than a one-shot in an issue of Archie comics, but has since then spawned into franchise hit. After three incarnations as an animated series, a seven year live action show – starring the still spankable Melissa Joan Hart – and two TV movies, the witch is back! Only with one subtle difference…

According to Deadline, Sabrina The Teenage Witch will be rebooted to the big screen as a magic-casting superhero! Under the direction of Sony Pictures, this updated tale is going to be a spin on the classic Spider-Man tale with the young Sabrina Spellman coming to terms with her blossoming powers. Odds are they be setting this in high school too, nothing says “dramatic action” than learning you’re a witch in the middle of prom, cheerleader practice or whatever teenagers do between texting.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins director Mark Waters is in talks to direct the Sony Pictures reboot, with Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari writing the script and Real Steel producers Don Murphy and Susan Montford as producers. No actresses are currently being eyed to star as Sabrina, although rumor is they plan on going with an unknown talent.

What do you think of Sony making a reboot? Any ideas on just who should star as Sabrina? Let’s here your predictions.

Source: Comic Book Movie