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This fall will see the beginning of Jodie Whittaker‘s tenure as the 13th Doctor.  Regardless of arguments about if 13 is the appropriate number for her Doctor (after the meta-crisis and War Doctor, etc.), there has been quite a bit of uncertainty and outright hatred from some fan circles for a female Doctor.

However, Doctor Who has long implied this was not only possible but probable.  When David Tennant regenerated into Matt Smith, Matt touches his hair and says, “I’m a girl!!!” before finding his adam’s apple.

In the episode “The Doctor’s Wife” the Doctor says,

“The mark of the Corsair. Fantastic bloke. He had that snake as a tattoo in every regeneration. Didn’t feel like himself unless he had the tattoo. Or herself, a couple of times. Ooo, she was a bad girl.”

In Peter Capaldi’s episode “Hell Bent” he shoots the General who regenerates as a woman.

So the groundwork has been laid for gender switching, but there is a more significant indicator that all will be well with a female Doctor.  The Time Ladies that preceded Jodie.

Here are a few of the beloved female “Time Lords” from the Classic and New Who runs of the show.


If there is one thing Steven Moffat is the best at (besides, of course, delivering incredible Doctor Who stories) it’s answering questions with even more questions. We learn River Song is actually Melody Pond, but did that really tell us anything about who the hell River Song is? No. She’s Amy and Rory’s daughter but who is she to the Doctor? And still, what did she whisper in the 10th Doctor’s ear all the way back in “Forest of the Dead”? Ugh! Moffat, you misleading little bugger of a genius!

But guess what, Whovians? Moffat has promised all our nagging, annoying questions will be answered in this week’s final episode, “The Wedding of River Song.” Awesome, right? It’s all we ever wanted, Steven. Except, he then immediately ammends his statement with, “except for one, because that’s the way I am.” You bastard!

Here’s the full snippet from Moffat’s Total TV interview,

[It] is probably the maddest Doctor Who story ever. But it answers pretty much all the questions about what we saw in ‘The Impossible Astronaut.’

We kind-of know who River Song is, but we don’t, because no one has been asking who her parents were. And the big question is, who is she to the Doctor? She seems to behave like a wife or lover. How is that possible?

This is where we reveal what it’s all about. So you do get answers to all the questions — except for one, because that’s the way I am

Again, I reiterate, you bastard. And what does he mean, “no one has been asking who her parents were?” Amy and Rory, right? Or did I miss something?

This whole season has seemed to hinge on asking the right questions. We know the oldest question in the universe will be asked, and then Silence will fall, and many (like myself) have surmised this too mean simply, Doctor Who? I mean, it’s staring us in the face all the time, seems likely this would be the question. Especially when you really think about, through all of his regenerations and adventures, do we actually know the Doctor?

So, what is the one questions Moffat won’t answer?

Doctor Who‘s season six finale airs this Saturday on BBC One and BBC America. Nine pm, eastern, for those of us in the States.

Source: Blastr

The second half of Doctor Who‘s sixth season is so close you almost taste it, sniff it, hear it. Well, you can kind of hear it, in this new clip from the Beeb. Doctor Who returns with “Let’s Kill Hitler” on August 27th, but until then you can watch this prequel clip,

Sad, isn’t it? Amy doesn’t sound like she’s lost hope, which is good, but why she and Rory aren’t with the Doctor as he searches for their daughter raises some questions. And will they find little Melody Pond? Will we learn any more from River as to Melody’s upbrining, since, y’know, they’re the same person!? Anyone else still confused on how they’re the same person? Oh, Steven Moffat, you mad genius!

In “Let’s Kill Hitler,” the TARDIS crash-lands in 1930s Berlin, bringing the Doctor face to face with one of the greatest war criminals in the universe, including none other than Hitler. Time travel has responsibilities, and the Doctor teaches his companions a harsh lesson during one the cruelest wars of all time. The episode will screen first at BFI, on Friday, Aug. 26, at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival, and will debut Saturday, Aug. 27, on BBC America.

source: Blastr