We celebrate some of the finest lady cosplayers the net has to offer in our weekly Sexy Cosplay of the Week feature. We love Sexy Cosplay of the Week – it is an institution here at NerdBastards – but the staff  thought it was about time that we did something to celebrate some of the sexiest male cosplays we could find.

So, with that in mind, we bring you this Salute to Sexy Male Cosplay, because damn it, you deserve a good dose of eye candy and these guys deserve a little bit of recognition for their awesome costumes, attention to detail, and abs that make all the guys here at NerdBastards feel extremely inadequate.

So enjoy the Nerd Bastards’ Salute to Sexy Male Cosplay!

Hit the jump for all the muscles and fabric you can enjoy and send your own to so we can keep doing this.

Wearing Female Armor Really Sucks

In many medieval fantasy films, the armor worn looks tough, heavy, and able to withstand some deadly blows, but this masculine armor is made just for men. Women however,  never get that luxury of choosing what they get to protect themselves in, it’s always “how sexy can you look in chain mail”. Of course showing some skin is an effective deterrent. Distraction is always a good defense, but armor doesn’t protect shit when it’s in the middle of pinching your cooch. shows how wardrobe, or lack there of, makes a female warrior life troublesome.

Via: College Humor