Before you think that shooting on Justice League is through, think again. While the in-studio portion of principal photography seems to be over, there’s now location shooting before the cameras, and you know what that means: spy pics! There’s no bigger paparazzi draw than a major Hollywood production out in the open, except maybe an actress that’s just gone through a high-profile ugly divorce, and Justice League is, unfortunately, a two-fer in that regard. So as the production is shooting in Iceland, Warner Bros. beat the spoiler crowd to the punch by revealing Amber Heard as Mera in all her Queen of the Seven Seas glory.  (more…)


With Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice about to open in theaters in a little over two months, Zack Snyder will then turn to his next phase of the DC Comics Cinematic Universe’s development, the two-part Justice League movie. Of course, a lot of that hard casting work is already done for him with Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller and Jason Mamoa already set to move on from Dawn of Justice to Justice League, but what about all the supporting characters for those heroes? Well, Superman’s got his Lois Lane in Amy Adams, Wonder Woman’s got her Steve Trevor in Chris Pine, and in the case of Aquaman, it’s starting to look like he’s got his Mera in the person of Amber Heard. (more…)


Today started off as a relatively slow news day. And then the ship hit an iceberg and all of a sudden a bunch of rich people started screaming. They’re being extra vocal about the superhero movies they’re making, and I’m just the poor shlub down in the bowls of the boat, feeding coal into the fire. The fire is the internet and the coal is these words – we all know that Jason Momoa is set to bring Aquaman to the screen, and most of us are stoked about that. Since his days as Khal Drogo on ‘Game Of Thrones,’ I thought this dude had a great screen future in front of him. DC Entertainment thinks so too, and Warner Bros. has scheduled a solo flick just for him to surface in 2018. And we might know what characters are with him. (more…)