Amazingly, were nearly four months away exactly from the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the eagerly anticipated follow-up to the third most successful movie of all time, The Avengers. Here at Nerd Bastards, we cover all the angles for a major release like this, even during the holidays, so when we get word of new art work for the movie, or insight into the plot, we’re all over it. Today, you get both. First, we resolve some of the mystery around the origins of two of the major new characters in the film, and we’re not talking about the “miracle” twins we met at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Also, you better believe there’s going to be a lot of merch coming out along with Age of Ultron, and below is a look at some of the art work from those efforts. If you’re desperate for new Avengers news, then Christmas has come late for you right now. (more…)

New York Toy Fair 2012 has come and gone. While we thought we featured everything in our NYTF: Toy, Toys and Oh Yeah, More Toys  post, news is still coming out of the “Big Apple”.  Hasbro has announced it’s line figurines, collectible items and game pieces for their upcoming Star Wars line. They presented a plethora of plastic fun things, which are representative of the original trilogy, prequel trilogy and the expanded universe. In other words, more Star Wars shit we can’t help but buy. As much as I hate putting more money in George Lucas’ pocket, I must own that Darth Star display with all the wee little figures (above).

Check out the full gallery of images (with shots supplied by Pietro Filipponi) and descriptions after the jump.

Hey, it’s Star Wars. “Shut up and take my money”, right?

After the Superbowl, Marvel’s upcoming film The Avengers was catapulted into the minds of millions of people all over the U.S. The trailer itself has everyone biting their nails in wait for what’s to come this summer. This film will be one of the Titans to battle it out for this summer’s box office, but it won’t stop there. Hasbro has started  its own announcement for The Avenger toy line, which gives us a villain spoiler we’ve been waiting to be confirmed.

Since last year there has been speculation on the villain for the film Hasbro/Marvel have given us a first look at the main villain and henchmen to feature in the film. Now this could be said as Marvel’s second spoiler containment issue they’ve had this year, the first being with  “The Amazing Spider-Man” merchandise revealing The Lizard as the film’s villain.   Of course this wonderful piece of news is not  ours to take the credit for acquiring, MTV’s Geek News and Idle Hands snagged some shots of  another product for The Avengers at the 2012 New York Toy Fair, which is the board game you see below:


Now you may be contemplating about these weird purple monsters featured in ____ and that their features resemble Skrulls.  Yet, its been stated time and time again by Marvel producer Kevin Feige that the Skrulls wouldn’t be villains in the upcoming Avengers film. So is this a PR ploy to cover up important film details, or are these really some other weird creature that just looks like Skrulls?


With the Green Lantern flick expecting to be one of this summers biggest blockbusters it means two things. 1. Thousands of dedicated fans of the character hooting and hollering at how badly Warner Bros. and Ryan Reynolds did it wrong (movie trailer, while passable, already has a lot of fans mad). 2. The inevitable cash-grab for merchandise. Oh yes, an endless supply of t-shirts, hats, mugs, toys, statues, pens, toilet tress  underwear, rub-on-tattoos, candy, scholastic supplies, jewelry, condoms (green) flame throwers (one can only hope) and so on. While the majority of it is junk… junk I tell ya, there will be a few shining gems that will be must-haves. Namely sculptures and props based on the character.

Thus brings up to a preview of awesome movie prop replica’s, sculptures and busts for the highly anticipated collectible line.

Without further ado, we present DC Direct’s GREEN LANTERN statues and movie prop replica’s that will be available in June 2011.

I call dibs on the Green Lantern Power Battery (it’ll make for an nifty nightlight).