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Going into season five, The Walking Dead is more popular than it’s ever been, which is probably why on Sunday the National Fan Expo was barely open for business and Constitution Hall was almost full of fans waiting for a panel with Walking Dead cast members. A little over an hour later, the moderator called out the “five of the amazing people from the show; three of whom are still living on it,” and Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon), Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene), Danai Gurira (Michonne), Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon), and David Morrissey (The Governor) all gathered on stage to a thunderous applause. (more…)


One thing you’ve got to know about talking to Michael Rooker one-on-one is he’s scary. The aviator sunglasses he wore weren’t helping either. Seriously though, underneath that gruff exterior is funny and charming man who has now found himself at the center of the nerd universe thanks to roles in AMC’s The Walking Dead and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. In our brief chat at the National Fan Expo Friday, Rooker discussed which franchise is winning the autograph wars, how he’s a nerd with muscles and how a little Yondu does a long way. (more…)

AMC‘s The Walking Dead fans have a couple of months to wait until the show returns for the second half of the third season on February 10th, 2013. Until then we’ve got to survive on comics, fan fiction, and re-runs. To help quell that Walking Dead itch AMC has released a featurette video of the cast and crew talking about the second half of season three and what fans can expect.

Take a look and let us know what you think int he comments section below. What part are you most looking forward to? With the Walking Dead mantra “No one is safe,” what character’s demise are you dreading the most?

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It’s time to get your Redneck on!

Terminal Reality, who’s developing a new video game for Activision, announced today that Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker will both reprise their roles in the upcoming video game The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, as the redneck brothers Daryl and Merle Dixon from AMC and Robert Kirkman‘s hit TV show, The Walking Dead.

The game takes place before the events that lead the two brothers to join up with the survivor group from the television show just outside Atlanta. Players will take on the role of  crossbow-wielding survivor Daryl Dixon. It’s a first person action adventure type game with plenty of zombie killing. Both Dixon characters are what this NerdBastard would consider break-out characters in the popular show, one for being such an evil asshole and the other for being the silent, rough around the edges, reluctant hero.

Norman Reedus already had a Boondock Saints fan club –The Boondock Betties, but after the first season of The Walking Dead aired, groups like the Reedusluts, Reedus Renegades, Dixon’s Vixens, Dixon’s Dolls, Reegals, and Norman’s Nymphos quickly sprouted up. The ladies do like the bad boys with hearts of gold.

Terminal Reality’s The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct video game hits store shelves in 2013 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Check out the teaser trailer below.

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