Metal Gear


When gaming titan Hideo Kojima announced to his family and friends that he wanted a career in video games, they gave him that stern look of disapproval that I’ve seen way too often myself. An economics major at the time, Kojima was a gamer and felt that he could make a fulfilling life for himself in the industry. When those who loved him didn’t believe in him, he turned a dream into a dream job. The rest of the story is well known to fans, and everyone else should look no further than his stellar ‘Metal Gear Solid’ series. And we’ve got the trailer for his upcoming entry ‘Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain’ as well as his tag team effort with crazy filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro: ‘Silent Hills.’ Clickity click! (more…)


Metal Gear Solid is a long standing video game franchise spanning 20 years and multiple platforms. It’s success is largely due to it’s memorable characters, and it’s rinse-wash-repeat game play. Each iteration is a carbon copy of it’s previous installment; just a different story, and new outlandish/absurd characters. You play as Solid Snake, an elite solider sent on a mission of eliminating all Metal Gear (WMDs) variants. You sneak around (sometimes in box), dispense guards, take out comicbook-esque villains with challenging powers/abilities (most unique part of the game) and eventually fight the big boss (your clone, brother/twin, ex-room mate, or some silly twist of fate). Sounds simplistic when you lay it out like that, but it’s a tried and true formula. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Well, maybe not. Konami is changing shit up…

Konami unveiled a six minute trailer for their upcoming game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Promising “tactical espionage redefined,” the game boasts an open world take on the franchise, real-time weather, persistent day/night cycle, a ton of vehicles, and “unparalleled strategic freedom.”

Well that sounds fresh, doesn’t it? I’ve always enjoyed Metal Gear, despite it essentially being the same game over and over again. I never thought it was stagnant enough to warrant any radical changes, but I welcome them. It’s a new Metal Gear for a new generation (literally).  Check out the 6 minute preview below, and tell us what you think:

As for the game’s storyline, what we know so far is that it involves rescuing the character Kaz Miller, who originally appeared in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.