imageloadNothing says Metal like a Water Blood Fountain in your front yard to show off to everyone in your friendly neighborhood. Your friends from Adult Swim wants to know if there is any HUGE Metalocalypse fans out there (in the U.S. and Caribbean) that is willing to show off their metal-ness by purchasing this $40,000 marble fountain. Thats right folks, for forty freaking thousand bucks, which doesn’t include the shipping fee, this awesome fountain can be yours and unfortunately blood is not included as well…which is dildos. Adult Swim is serious about this and only wants serious buyers and fans who wants to purchase this. I’m a fan of the show and to be honest, it be awesome to see someone to buy this and take pictures of it with the little devil pissing out red fluid but I have a feeling it’ll be awhile till we may get to see that pic. Click here to check out the stats and other info on the fountain.

Source: Adult Swim Shop


“Wait a minute, you get sandwiches??”

 As if Eddie Riggs doesn’t have enough to do, saving an alternate dimension from pure evil he, in his spare time roadies for fucking DEATHKLOK!

This is easily one of the best tie-ins to a game ever. What better way to promote your heavy metal game than by making a cameo on Metalocalypse?