mia kirshner


It’s been a while, but you remember Bo, right? She likes leather, having a good time, and meddling in things that aren’t her concern. For the first time this season we got to spend some significant time with our succubus heroine after she escaped the so-called death train in “Sleeping Beauty School.” As they say though, “Out of the frying pan and into the cabin in the middle of nowhere with a haunted family.” It’s time for another instalment of Lost Girl. (more…)


After a long wait (longer for American fans) Lost Girl returns for its fourth season, and perplexingly it kicks off without its charming heroine. Of course, you know that Bo, the unaligned succubus/superhero at the center of the show, was plucked from the world with only a Wanderer tarot card left where she stood in the season three finale, so it would make sense that Bo would be gone for practical reason for this premiere. So why does nobody remember Bo? Not her would-be boyfriend, not her BFF, not her grandfather, mother, frenemy or anyone else in the fae world that’s crossed paths with her? That question is at the heart of “In Memoriam.” (more…)