This NerdBastard is having a hard time getting any kind of excitement going for the next installment of Columbia Pictures MIB III. Maybe someone can help me out in the comments section below and let me know why I should give a crap about this movie.

The first one was great, totally unexpected, fresh and fun. The second one . . . not so much. I’m pretty much over the whole:

“Oh My!!! Look who’s really an alien!!!!”

Really, does anyone give a greasy monkey shit that Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are gonna make their alien debuts?

(Quick side note – For some reason it pissed me the hell off that the spell check in WordPress actually had the correct spelling for Justin Beiber’s last name in there. Screw that, if I spelled his name wrong then leave that shit alone.)

The movie opens May 25th, so you’ve got 23 days to change my mind or join me in the other theater for a second, third, or fourth veiwing of The Avengers.

Men In Black 3 – Clip No. 1

The first teaser posters for the upcoming Men In Black threquel (MIB III) have hit the ‘net and if I am not mistaken count as the first official anything from the movie. Of course we know  Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return as those mismatched alien-busting secret cops with unique fashion sense. Word is the movie will be a time-travel based story that also stars Josh Brolin and packed with the expected assortment of strange cameos.

The teaser posters themselves hint at absolutely nothing, other than featuring Smith and Jones. Actually, that’s not true, they do contain a hidden URL, TheMenInBlackSuitsAreReal.com, that points to a Facebook fan page that… you guessed it, pretty much says diddly squat.

So, until we see any official images or, dare I say it, a teaser trailer, the two following posters are what we have to enjoy. I have them after the jump if you want to check them out. Just… you might want to stand back from the screen a little.