michael dougherty

In a couple of months, we’ll finally get a good look at Kong: Skull Island, the latest take on the classic Hollywood ape monster from Legendary Pictures. Now, any King Kong movie is an occasion, but Skull Island serves the dual purpose of setting up a future confrontation with Godzilla, who’s last American movie was released in 2014. The sequel to Godzilla has been in the works for some time, and now it takes a giant leap forward with the appointment to the director’s chair of a man who’s already had his hands on the project. He’s also a director that knows his monsters. (more…)


If it’s hard to consider why its difficult to break new holiday film classics, the reason is on display upfront at the beginning of Krampus –  as a disastrous Christmas pageant is captured on the cell phones of several adults who do nothing, while acts of violence that make the Battle of Fallujah look like a slap fight break out at a big box store. It’s a Wonderful Life this ain’t. While most Christmas movies are about the fundamental decency of the season breaking through the clutter, Krampus boldly says that seasons greetings don’t happen by accident, you have to repent! (more…)

‘Trick ‘r Treat 2’ On the Way

trick r' treat

It seems as though horror movies usually have too easy a time getting their sequels greenlit with studios running fresh concepts down through the soil and past the root in pursuit of the all-mighty dollar. Look at Saw, Paranormal Activity, and others for examples of that, but for Trick R’ Treat, nothing has ever been easy.