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News about DC Universe’s Harley Quinn animated series is starting to surface. Quinn’s new show seems to be one of the most anticipated original content coming out of the DC Universe. We already know that The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco is cast as Harley, Lake Bell joins her as Poison Ivy, and Diedrich Bader comes in as Batman. Thanks to Bader letting it slip during an interview, he’s already done a session with the show’s Joker. The Joker should be very a pretty important part of the story. If used sparingly to strengthen the impact, the character could be a driving force for Harley, assuming they go with a more liberated, post-Joker-break-up-Harley. Who joins DC Universe’s Harley Quinn and the other incredible voice actors that have brought Joker to life?


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Person of Interest is perhaps the best nerdy show on TV you’re not watching. Why? Maybe it’s because of the procedural elements, or maybe because it’s on CBS, but whatever the reason you’re not watching, you’re robbing yourself of the pleasure of one TV’s most underappreciated treasures. But now there are no more excuses. The first three seasons of Person of Interest are now available on Netflix, and then on Tuesday, you can watch the entirety of season four when its added to the streaming service. (more…)

At the end of the month the second half of the animated (rather fast and loose) adaptation of  Frank Miller‘s The Dark Knight Returns will be released on Blu-Ray, VOD and DVD for anyone still stuck in the 20th century. Up after the jump you can catch a quick look at the animated feature. Spoiler alert, it contains bone breaking, punching, explosions  and a mustache.  (more…)

Just wrapping up in the IGN Theater at New York Comic Con has been The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 panel, moderated by Gary Miereanu with Bruce Timm and Andrea Romano. For the first time ever NYCC is live streaming their panels out of the IGN Theater and we here at Nerd Bastards are bringing you recaps of every one. Along with exclusive showroom floor coverage and interviews, but you already knew that, didn’t you?

The only thing we can’t share with you are the trailers and clips shown during the panels, of which there were many at this DC Animated universe panel. They started with an exclusive trailer for an upcoming project I’ve very excited about, LEGO Batman The Movie: Superheroes Unite. Miereanu promises the movie is the funniest superhero movie he’s ever seen and if it’s at all like the LEGO games I’m think we’re in for an excellent flick.

LEGO Batman will be one of four movies being released next year, the first, obviously being The Dark Knight Returns Part 2. Part 1 released only a few weeks ago (Psst, you can read our review here.) and while it was received favorably the real excitement has been over Part 2, where we get to properly meet Michael Emerson‘s Joker.

Romano said she was given specific instruction to cast not from their usual company of actors. Obviously this meant no Kevin Conroy or Mark Hamill, though Romano admits she’d use them every time if permitted. Of Emerson she said his Joker is “scary,” “eerie,” and “wonderful” but that it’s unlike any Joker we’ve heard before.

Much of the same could be said of Peter Weller‘s performance as Batman. It’s unlike anyone we’ve heard before, even Conroy’s old, grumpy Bruce from Batman Beyond, to which Bruce Timm revealed he hadn’t realized how much they took from The Dark Knight Returns when he was working on Beyond. He also dropped hints he’d love to work on another Beyond movie during the Q & A, so keep your fingers crossed!

Another addition to the cast in Part 2 is Mark Valley as Clark Kent/Superman, who both Timm and Romano praise as being able to bring sympathy to a Superman who isn’t much more than the President’s lackey and a bully. Timm also said whenever Valley voiced Clark he would wear a pair of glasses, to help with the character. Ha!

There were several clips from Part 2 shared during the panel and with any luck we’ll see them make their way online soon, but one clip in particular revealed a surprise voice over in the movie. Voicing the late night host, Dave Endocrine who the Joker kills with signature laughing gas is Conan O’Brian! Romano said his dying laugh, the slow to maniacal laugh that comes with being doused with Joker toxin, O’Brian recorded his in one take and it is incredible. Cannot wait to hear that, how about you?

The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 will release early next year and LEGO Batman The Movie following in the Spring. The other two projects we can expect next year are Superman Unbound in the middle of 2013, and this will be a movie based on Geoff Johns‘ Superman/Braniac series. There’s no official announcement of the cast, though they’ve already been recording and they all agree the cast is awesome. It was hinted Molly Quinn of Castle is involved. Lois, maybe?

And lastly, Justice League: Flashpoint, capping off what I find to be a rather lackluster schedule, what do you think? I’m looking forward to The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 and I cannot wait for LEGO Batman The Movie, but Unbound and Flashpoint? I’m not twitching in my seat with excitement over either one. If anything, Flashpoint happened so recently and created the hot mess that is the New 52. I can’t imagine many a DC fanboy or girl being all that excited by it.

What are your thoughts about their upcoming slate of DC original animated movies? What’s the comic you most want to seem them tackle next?

Stay tuned for more up to the minute coverage from NYCC!

Stepping into an iconic role has to be daunting for any actor, especially one with a rich history such as comic’s clown prince of crime. Without going into the long debate over who is ‘the best’ Joker, we can add one more name to the debate. Michael Emerson, best known as the ultra-creepy Ben Linus from LOST or Person of Interest‘s calculating Harold Finch, has been revealed as the latest to bring the villain to the screen in the forth coming animated The Dark Knight Returns . Talking with TV Guide, Emerson lets us in on who is behind the grin.

 “He’s one of those great villains that an actor like me likes to play because he has layers — he has a face for the world and a face for himself,” Emerson said. “He is, in a way, a villain who is a natural actor. All of that is that is delightful and confounding at the same time. It’s freeing because of the largeness of it. When he laughs, there’s nothing subdued about it. When he screams in rage, there’s nothing controlled about it. The amp is turned to 11 at all times.”

Joining Emerson on The Dark Knight Returns is Peter Weller as Batman/Bruce Wayne, David Selby as Commissioner Gordon, Ariel Winter as Robin, Wade Williams as Two-Face and Michael McKean as Dr. Bartholomew Wolper.  As for where Emerson will sit on the grand scale of Joker performances, we’ll have to wait till September 25th when the film is released on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital platforms. Well, that is when part 1 is out, part 2 is expected sometime in February of next year.

Damn it.

You can check out the latest trailer after the jump. Sadly it is Joker free.


JJ Abrams Pitches an “Odd” New Show


Hopefully you guys haven’t had your fill of J.J. Abrams yet because this guy is busy throwing more stuff our way.  Most recent, is a pitch for a show that would star Lost actors Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson. The storyline involves the two as ‘former black-op agents’.  The show is talked about as being a comedic-drama and may possibly be titled “Odd Jobs” and would involve the two being ‘suburban hit men’.  So what do you guys think, does this concept sound cool or like a shitty USA Network show?

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