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You’ll recall that back in the spring, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story undertook some reshoots. The rumor mill churned that this was an attempt by Lucasfilm and Disney to adjust the tone of the film after some negative commentary from within the studio, who, to counter the nerd freak out, said that the reshoots were always part of the plan. Keeping all that in mind, this news will likely tip to the freak out factor as the composer of Rogue One’s score has now been replaced just a couple of months before the film’s release.  (more…)


I know a lot of people are hopelessly beholden to the John Williams Superman theme from 1978, so much so that it prevents them from seeing the score being produced by Hans Zimmer for the upcoming Man of Steel with anything less than contempt. Understandable, the Williams score has been the “voice” of Superman for more than a generation, but a) Can’t we give Zimmer a chance? and b) Wasn’t Bryan Singer being overly respectful of the ’78 movie one of the prime sources of nerd rage in regards to Superman Returns?

Well, maybe this will change your mind. Click here to listen to a sample of Zimmer’s Steel score.

Come on, even you have to admit it sounds good. Unless I’m mistaken, this is the isolated score from the most recent Man of Steel trailer. It reminds me very much of Michael Giacchino’s score for J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, it’s both a bold departure, yet somehow thematically faithful to the music used in previous movies. And with all the drums, I couldn’t help but think of Bear McCreary’s score for Battlestar Galactica, another case where an upstart composer had to follow-up a classic John Williams theme and create something sonically new. From my point of view, it’s another reason to get excited about Man of Steel, now a little over one month away from release.

You can pre-order the album now before its June 11th release.

What do you Bastards think of the new sound of Superman?

Source: Cinema Blend


A lot of the pre-release hate about Star Trek Into Darkness has been directed at the film’s ominous title. How can the film maintain Gene Roddenberry‘s vision of a hopeful, peaceful future when the second film in the rebooted franchise is going to take us “into darkness?”

Well co-screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman took a minute to respond to that very question in a new interview with Star Trek Magazine (which comes to us via Blastr). Apparently, the duo took their inspiration from the film’s villain, John Harrison played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

“He understands Starfleet because he was enlisted in a similar way,” says Orci. “Some might see part of the title coming from the fact that he’s kind of a dark shadow of members of our crew. He too has gone through the process… that some of our crew have gone though, and clearly for some reason it’s failed to bring him over, so I think he represents that part of our heroes.”

As for how Roddenberry, “The Great Bird of the Galaxy,” would feel about these latest developments, Kurtzman says that they had him in mind as he, Orci and Damon Lindelof tapped out the script. “Despite the fact that we are literally going into darkness, I think we all worked very hard to make sure the theme of hope, what hope costs, and what it’s really about, was always alive in how we were designing our story,” he said. “So we’re pretty consistent with the last movie in terms of dark things happening. But holding on to the light that Roddenberry set up as a basic tenet of the ‘Star Trek’ universe.”

In other news, we have a release date for the Star Trek Into Darkness soundtrack, the film’s score by regular J.J. Abrams collaborator Michael Giacchino. According to distributor Varese Sarabande (and out friends at Comic Book Movie), the Into Darkness disc will be released three days before the movie on May 14. No track listing or music samples have been released yet, but I have to admit I’m looking forward to it, the music, to me, was one of the best parts of Abrams’ first Trek.

And speaking of previews, TrekWeb has a couple of new images from the film, one of Spock and Uhura looking at – something- above and one of Peter Weller, in the reported role of Admiral Marcus, below. Anyone else getting a Star Trek: The Motion Picture vibe from those new uniforms?


Finally, the extended preview of Into Darkness that aired during The Walking Dead finale on Sunday has appeared online. If you missed it, or if you want to see it again, it’s embedded below for your viewing pleasure.