Michael Gross


Burt Gummer is back and you know he’s packing the heat. Known to millions around the world as the quirky father on Family Ties, Michael Gross went from the wrap party for Family Ties to the set of Tremors. You might not be aware, but the fifth film in the franchise, Tremors V: Bloodlines is about to come out this October. Universal has just released a new trailer for Tremors V: Bloodlines. (more…)


Remember Tremors? Okay, maybe you don’t. It came out nearly 25 years ago and it was hardly a box office success. It did enjoy cult status, but even that seems to have faded over the years and decades, leaving the pre-CG creature charm of the Ron Underwood film and the charm of a youthful Kevin Bacon left somewhat forgotten in the annals of movie-going. But you know who hasn’t forgotten? Universal. Universal Pictures produced several direct-to-video sequels and a Sci-Fi original series based on the movie, and because everything old is new, sequelized or rebooted again, Tremors is coming back, and coming to a Blu-ray player or video-on-demand site near you. And to prove it’s a thing, we have the first photo from the set. (more…)