Michael Rosenbaum

Even Batman loves a good, nerdy podcast!

Maybe you’ve found some time on your hands. Maybe you like to listen to something other than talk-radio on your drive to work, lunch break, or traffic-laden drive home. Maybe you need something new for the office radio. Or perhaps you just love the sweet, sweet sound of nerds talking. Whatever the case, you’re wondering about nerd-centric podcasts to add to your life. What better than CELEBRITY nerd podcasts??? We’ve collected podcasts by names nearly every nerd knows that you need to be introduced to today. So, dive into 5 nerd podcasts to add to your playlist and get listening!



Long before there was Arrow-verse and the intertwined adventures of The Flash, Supergirl, and the Legends of Tomorrow, many of those characters in one form or another actually turned up in Smallville. The pre-Superman Superman series ran for 10 years on the CW and it chronicled how Clark Kent (Tom Welling) went from awkward teen struggling to comprehend his incredible power to becoming the Earth’s greatest superhero. Part of that unusual journey was the friendship between Clark and a young Lex Luthor played by Michael Rosenbaum, who was constantly struggling between his desire to be a good man and his own dark instincts. It was meaty stuff for an actor, so why did Rosenbaum bail at the end of season 7? (more…)