michelle veintimilla


The last time a Firefly was on Fox, it was the starship Serenity, and the cancellation of that insect-inspired entitled TV series is a topic that still promotes rage and depression among fans even more than a dozen years later. This Firefly though is unlikely to illicit that kind of dedication, but still, for fans of the Batman mythos and/or Gotham, this is a pretty big deal. Sort of. Yes, in entirely unshocking news, another member of the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery is coming to Gotham, and this time it’s the arson-inclined Firefly. And last night, the preview for the next episode of Gotham revealed snippets of what this version of Firefly will look like. (more…)


If it’s one thing that Fox’s Gotham hasn’t been shy about, it’s taking the incarnations of characters that Batman and DC fans are familiar with and turning them on their heads a bit. It is, after all, an alternate universe story, so you can’t sit around copying every last detail from the original comic series. That would be boring, right? So it’s no surprise when we hear casting news that gender-swaps one of the DC Universe’s more recognizable villains. In this case, it’s Firefly. (more…)