Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers were an immediate hit on Fox‘s weekday afternoon line-up, a kid-friendly money-maker that was generating ratings, millions in merch, and more than a few scared parents that didn’t like all the karate chopping the kids were doing on the playground because of it. The geniuses at Fox decided to do the only thing they could: make more money! In 1995, Twentieth Century Fox released Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie, which was everything the TV show had but was made for about four weeks worth of TV episodes. You know what this thing needs? An honest trailer.  (more…)

Early reviews have been steadily coming in across the internet and it seems that the judgement on the new Power Rangers movie is hit or miss. According to some of the reviews, some of the acting (mostly from the newcomers) is lacking, but if you can move past it, the action and visuals of the Rangers in their suits and zords can make you forget all about the movie’s flaws. But is that the final judgement the movie…no, the Power Rangers deserve? Take a look at a compilation of several reviews and decide for your self.



It seems rather proforma, but when you reboot something, it’s just expected that you’d invite cast members of the original incarnation to make an appearance. Sometimes it works, like when Bryan Singer put actors from the original 1950s Adventures of Superman series in Superman Returns, and sometimes it doesn’t, like in the recent Ghostbusters where cameos from the original cast stuck out like a sore thumb and were messily integrated into the film. The danger exists, but its at least polite to ask, right? Tell that to the makers of the new Power Rangers movie because apparently they didn’t even bother to ask originals to make an encore appearance. (more…)


So if you grew up with the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, prepare to have your mind blown in either a good or really bad way. The modern remake/reboot of the, can we say, classic Fox Kids‘ action show, Power Rangers, is presently shooting with an all-new group of fresh-faced youth chosen to be the protectors of the Earth with their martial arts skills and giant robots against the threat of Rita Repulsa. Enter the big Hollywood actress, Elizabeth Banks, who will be carrying Rita’s staff, but not be filling Rita’s traditional grey wig with massive pigtails. Nope, Banks’ Rita has gotten a significant makeover. (more…)


You know the classic bridge to the guilty pleasure chorus of most seasoned nerds’ childhood: power and the force like you’ve never seen before, ability to morph to even up the score, no one can ever take them down (arguably) but if they do, they have their modular mech suits to save the day! The announcement of the newest Power Rangers team roster did tug at a lot of heartstrings in that certain nostalgic way, but the recent details about their newest transformations sound kind of…adventurous.



The Power Rangers team is now complete with the casting of Becky Gomez (Singer Becky G.) as the Yellow Ranger. She joins Red Ranger Dacre Montogomery, Pink Ranger Naomi Scott, Black Ranger Ludi Lin, and Blue Ranger RJ Cyler in director Dean Israelite‘s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Reboot. I’m left to wonder.. who the hell is gonna play Zordon!?!?! (more…)

It started with the Pink Ranger. Then we got the Red Ranger. Yesterday, the Black Ranger joined in. And now it’s time to introduce RJ Cyler who will be playing the Blue Ranger. Some of you may recognize Cyler who played Earl in the recent film Me And Earl And The Dying Girl. Beyond that film, Cyler, like the rest of the cast, is a relatively unknown actor. Thus meaning that the last ranger yet to be cast, the Yellow Ranger, will most likely continue the trend and be someone none of us know.


ludi lin black ranger

It looks like the Power Rangers have found their Black Ranger. Earlier, Naomi Scott and Dacre Mongomery were cast as the Pink and Red Rangers respectively. Today, news has broke that Ludi Lin has been cast as the Black Ranger. There has been a lot of speculation about the new Power Rangers film, and one of those theories asked if the movie was going to go with Zack or Adam. Based on this recent casting, it seems they’re going in the direction of the character Adam (Johnny Yong Bosch) who would take on the mantle of the Black Ranger after Zack (Walter Jones). Ideally, though, Lin won’t play a character named after either one of those. If they want to avoid any kind of drama, they’ll rename every character.



The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Now that I have your attention, we’ve got casting news for the big screen version of Power Rangers, which is coming to theaters in the Summer of 2017. You may have heard that Naomi Scott has already been cast as the Pink Ranger, clearly the key role if you’re putting together any Power Rangers team, but who will lead the Rangers, who will take up the mantle of the Red Ranger and fill the big white boots of such acting legends as Austin St. John and Jason Lee Scott? Well, you’ve never heard of him, but the new Red Ranger is Dacre Montgomery. (more…)