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With current election cycle being what it is, Idiocracy is a movie that gets cited a lot, so it’s somewhat surprising that when the movie was released almost 10 years ago, it got barely any kind of theatrical release. Wish you could have seen it in a theatrical setting? Well shut up. Sit your monkey ass down. Chill out. And listen. Apparently, the cult film is in the works for a traveling roadshow style re-release sometime later this year. According to one of the stars of the film, director Mike Judge is considering a tour of the film complete with screenings and Q&As in case you need anymore convincing that we’re maybe two elections away from voting for a man named Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. (more…)

On October 27th MTV finally goes back to their roots…, not with music videos, but with the 90’s series Beavis and Butthead. For you young’uns out there, these guys were doing crazy shit years before MTV had Jackass. True visionaries.

Created by King of the Hill mastermind Mike Judge, these dim-witted and lifelong friends (both voiced by Judge) mocked all kinds of music back when MTV still cared about putting music on TV. Now, with a new decade comes a new target for the boys of Highland, Texas.

With the world so focused on reality TV it’s a different playground for these pair of verbal assassins, and a perfect storm of comedy for us, the viewers, to enjoy. This new iteration of the series will see Beavis and Butthead take on the cast of the Jersey Shore, 16 and Pregnant, viral videos and Ultimate Fighting.

Since New York Video wanted to be a group of bungholes and not let people embed the video Click here for the trailer

Beavis and Butt-Head, America’s favorite culture critics, are back. They now have more than just music videos to make fun of: Reality TV, the Internet, and Ultimate Fighting will all be crossing their TV screen! Brought back by creator Mike Judge, Beavis and Butt-Head are dumber than ever!

As an added bonus here’s a clip from the upcoming episode “The Holy Cornholio”

It just makes you want to pull your shirt over your head and re-watch a copy of Beavis and Butthead: Do America.

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The move to resurrect Mike Judges‘s beloved 90s’ cartoon Beavis and Butt-Head has been rumored for several days now. But yesterday, sources at MTV confirmed that a new batch of episodes are in the works. FUCK YA!!!

The guys will still be in high school, but times will be updated so they can make fun of the current bullshit that saturates the MTV airwaves. We have to say a core part of the the show was music videos and we’re not sure they even makes those anymore. So MTV might also need to get on making some of those too.  One wonders where Beavis and Butt-Head will fit in among the channels guidos and knocked up whore teenagers.

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Beavis and Butthead Are Back?


Beavis (right) and Butthead (left)

I guess it is true what they say – “Everything old becomes new again.”

In the early to late 90’s, there was a television show on MTV created and directed by Mike Judge (who later went to to create the animated show on Fox, King of the Hill) that focused on the misadventures of two inept teenage boys who were obsessed with rock and music videos. They would commonly make fun of anything and everything, including each other, as well as make numerous insults and sexual references in every situation.

It was a huge hit on MTV, and even spawned a movie in 1996 entitled Beavis and Butthead Do America. And now, it looks like for the first time since 1997, they may be getting another chance.


With Extract being released this weekend and the genius of Mike Judge resurfacing for air like Howard Hughes, I have come to a quite brief and quick to the point request. In the same vein as Family Guy being cancelled and brought back, I WANT BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD BACK!!!

There! They changed the way a whole generation of 7th graders spoke. They coined phrases that didn’t exist. And besides Howard Stern, they were the most controversial thing of the early-mid 90’s! With all new music videos to rip on, and mini sketches in between? If South Park has the longevity, and Family Guy got picked up again, Bunghead and his sidekick Crevice can summon Cornholio to Lake TittiKaKa!!