Millenium Falcon


Putting together a movie about Han Solo that won’t star Harrison Ford as everyone’s favourite space pirate was always going to be a tricky affair. Just who the hell do you cast as the young Han? Will he be zipping around in the Millennium Falcon? And what tale exactly do you tell? Well, the answer to this last question has been pretty much answered. Much to fans delight Chewie is confirmed to be on board with the film revolving around the pair’s meeting and getting together. (more…)


Well, technically, it’s in the background of Disney CEO Bob Iger‘s Fortune cover, but we all know who the real star is. Iger has overseen the acquisitions of Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm so you kind of have to allow him that knowing smirk. Disney’s future is looking much brighter with that added trilogy of talent and huge portfolio of money-making franchises. (more…)


The Millennium Falcon is a light freighter that had many names since its construction before the Clone Wars. That either makes it a classic or a piece of junk, depending on how high you rank Xibit’s ride pimping skills. Somehow or another, Lando Calrissian got his hands on it and got his hands off it – stupidly losing the property to smuggler Han Solo in a card game. We Star Wars fans know these things because the movies have been out since the late ’70’s. So we know what the ship looks like on the inside, but that was 30 years ago. This thing can’t be getting better with time, but these leaked photos from the Episode 7 set will help you decide that on your own. (more…)

We’ve seen LEGO models, computer cases, XBOX controllers and jello molds of the much beloved and highly modified YT-1300 Light Freighter, but now a group of fans are really taking it to the limit in an attempt to reproduce the Millennium Falcon in a 1:1 scale.

The Full Scale Falcon Project (FullScaleFalcon.Com) is the brainchild of Chris Lee, a life time Star Wars fan, and his friends and family.

Project Overview:

This is a quest to build the ultimate Star Wars prop: a 1:1 scale ESB/ANH hybrid Millennium Falcon with complete, correctly scaled interior. Yes, I have completely lost my mind, just like most of my friends and family say. Except for my close Star Wars fan friends, who say “cool, can I help?”.

There’s already a lot of completed and in progress work being done on the project. You may have seen pictures of the replica cockpit console floating around the internet. Below is a gallery of some of the in progress pictures of the project.

There are lots more pictures at the project’s website and information on how to contribute through buying a t-shirt, making a donation, or actually working on the project. I imagine if the project is finished that tours of the Falcon would be made available.

What do you think? Of course the thing won’t fly, but having lights and sound effects would be a great experience.

Via: Blastr

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Bean bags as your only furniture make you look like a total hippie burnout. But a bean bag chair shaped like the Millenium Falcon? You’d be the coolest burnout ever! (Geekologie)



So it’s pretty much agreed the 80’s had killer toys, far better than the crap today. OK… the detail of today is far superior but, damn, 80’s toys were much more awesome because, well, reasons. This trip down nostalgia lane reflects not of the action figures themselves but rather their play-sets. Specifically the most rockin’, most wanted, and most expense play-sets of the time. Some had one, some had all, and to some had none

So on with it then. Here are the 10 Most Desired Action Figure Play-sets of The 80’s