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Matt Kindt is the creator of Mind MGMT, a mind bending monthly comic book from Dark Horse. Here, we talk to Kindt about his role on Ridley Scott‘s recently announced adaptation, having a set end for his opus,whether he’ll tie up loose ends, what is and isn’t real, the rumors that he might take the baton from Geoff Johns on DC’s Green Lantern book, and more.

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For the uninitiated, Mind MGMT has nothing to do with the electro-pop band also called MGMT. It’s a Dark Horse comic book about psychic spies actually, and it’s now set-up at 20th Century Fox as a project in development with no less than Sir Ridley Scott attached to produce.

Now I know, Scott isn’t exactly a nerd’s favorite person these days with the whole Prometheus… Et cetera. But I’d rather see Scott direct a movie based on Mind MGMT than this much ballyhooed Blade Runner sequel we’ve heard about. Maybe you can judge for yourself from the synopsis of the book:

The book centers on a government agency consisting of psychic spies and their greatest asset, a man named Henry Lime. After he suffers a breakdown and loses control of his abilities, causing the populace of a town to kill each other, he goes on the run. Several years later, a true crime author named Meru, who was part of a flight where everyone mysteriously developed amnesia, is saved by Lime and begins to investigate the agency, uncovering her own secret connection to it.

No word yet on if Scott plans to direct as well as produce, and there’s no word on a start date or release date or anything. Dark Horse isn’t as active as, say, Marvel in developing its properties, although there is one Dark Horse film coming out later this year, the Ryan Reynolds-starring R.I.P.D. Previous films based on Dark Horse comics include 300, Alien Vs Predator, Hellboy, and The Mask. Mind MGMT was created by acclaimed writer Matt Kindt, the film will be co-produced by Dark Horse Entertainment’s Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg.

More news as it develops.

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