Minimalist art


How do you explain a superhero to someone who does not understand?

Well, designer Jonah Block has come up with a minimalist way to define a comic book characters from DC and Marvel in a very simplistic way by using only their distinguishing features, such as Green Arrow featured above. They are truly awesome, and I want them on T-shirts. Make it happen, Internet!

You can find prints of the posters for sale on Block’s Society6 page.

Can you name the others below the jump?


You may remember that last week, I posted a rather unique artist’s conception of a bunch of superheroes is true minimalist fashion, found here.

And, true to form, artist Fabian Giez has been repeated with super-villains!

Below the jump are 77 super-villains depicted with only a few details… and I will admit, I think it’s actually harder that the superhero one.

But, it ultimately comes down to this – How many can YOU name?