Minion Mayhem in Ireland


One man’s fury is another man’s social media fodder. Part of an advertising campaign, a giant inflatable Minion broke free of his constraints on a local fairground in Ireland yesterday. Traffic was obstructed and at least one vehicle was damaged, but no injuries were sustained and the runaway minion was deflated. It’s unclear how the detachment came to be, and Councilor Paul McAuliffe of the Dublin City Council is not taking the matter lightly. He shared this photo and warning on Twitter: (more…)


What’s the only thing more challenging than being a “Part 2” follow-up film to a wildly successful first film? Being a “Part 3,” of course. Minions, the new animated feature about everybody’s favorite capsule-shaped, overall-wearing, begoggled, bad-guy-serving, yellow-hued, strange-speaking, banana-loving… things, isn’t a “Part 3” in the strictest sense of the word. It’s actually a prequel, taking place “B.G.” – Before Gru, the original Despicable in the first two films, Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 – but it is the third major motion picture in the Minions universe, and expectations have soared sky-high since the first film became an unexpected hit 5 years ago. (more…)

jurassic world gate

There’s no question about it anymore: nostalgia sells.  Things that make people reminisce about their younger days have been absolutely killing it for the entertainment industry as of late.  A look at any TV station’s lineup will likely reveal a show or two being re-booted, re-imagined, or spun-off from an earlier series; some of the biggest draws in the music world are bands that have gotten back together for a new album or a “reunion” tour; and of course, big-budget films love to take existing storylines or universes and live in those worlds some more.  On the latter front: it seemed almost inevitable, and now it’s official: Jurassic World has become the fastest movie in history to reach the $1 billion plateau.  (more…)


What better way for all the big studios to produce guaranteed hits, than to have them marketed at one of the biggest television events of the year right? Well, 2015’s Super Bowl XLIX did not disappoint in providing copious potential summer tent-poles, that’s for sure. With extended trailers including Universal’s Jurassic World (starring the ubiquitous Chris Pratt), Furious 7 (with Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker in his last role before his untimely death), Disney’s Tomorrowland (directed by Brad Bird and written by Damon Lindelof of Lost fame), Terminator Genisys (Arnold did always say he would be back didn’t he?!) and many more. We have collected all the trailer spots from the game and pre-game and provided some commentary for each of them. So be sure to sound off with your comments, gripes, tirades and extrapolations. Enjoy peeps! (more…)


Gru’s minions from Despicable Me 1 & 2 have reached critical mass in way of pop culture celebrity. These slap-stick, yellow skinned nugget men, with their own funny language, are everywhere. They’re taking over the world, and they’re doing it one cultural character at a time. Like Invasion of the Body Snatchers they’ve taken over Star Wars, Batman, Mario, the X-Men and many more. Replacing your heroes and villains with wee little yellow bastards. I don’t know what their end game is (something nefarious, I assume) but their so goddamn cute doing it.  Minions –  funny and adorable, they make your day good. Then they kill you.

Take a gander at the image gallery below to see what areas of pop culture the minions have infiltrated.