Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol

It seems that progress marches on in the development of Mission: Impossible 5, specifically so far as the selection of a new director. And given that Tom Cruise is the star and producer of that franchise, the name being branded about should come as no surprise.

According to Deadline, the frontrunner is Christopher McQuarrie. “I’m told that McQuarrie is the choice to helm the fifth Mission: Impossible film that is in the early stages of being put together by Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions,” says the site. “They will hire writers before making it official but he’s the guy that Cruise and J.J. Abrams want.”

The choice of McQuarrie makes sense as he and Cruise already have a good working relationship. McQuarrie wrote the Cruise vehicle Valkerie and directed the actor in the upcoming Jack Reacher film. He also did rewrites on the presently in production All You Need is Kill, and he reportedly did some uncredited re-writes on the last Mission: Impossible movie Ghost Protocol, which grossed a surprising $694.7 at the worldwide box office.

So McQuarrie on an impossible mission: good idea or bad idea, Bastards?

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You all know it and so do the executives at Marvel Studios… Scarlett Johansson is super sexy as the Black Widow. Even before the Internet leaked those spank bank pics of Scarlett, or news that she would return as Natasha Romanoff for Joss Whedon‘s The Avengers, fans have always wanted Black Widow solo movie to call their own.

Marvel has openly expressed their interest in making multiple films for the big three- Iron Man, Thor and Captain America– and each on their way to sequel or threequel status, but lesser members of the super roster have yet to have their spotlight shine. Well, it looks like Johannson is ready to lace up the spandex once again for her own feature length spinoff:

“I love playing the Widow. I think she’s got a very interesting past, a lot of storylines to explore, and certainly Kevin [Feige, Marvel Studios’ president] loves that character … I think that Marvel has a very personal relationship with their fans, and I think if the fans want it, and the audience wants it, nothing’s impossible. I would love to explore that option as well. Like I said, I love the character and it would be nice to see something nice and gritty.”

Sharing screen time with fellow Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth is nice, but a pure spy feature for one of the few Avengers without unlimited funds or the power of a god would be awesome. Maybe even explaining the past relationship between Natasha and fellow S.H.I.E.L.D agent Hawkeye, played by Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol star Jeremy Renner, would sell a script or two in the process. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how The Avengers does in theaters, as if we don’t already know.

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By now you might be tiring of the Muppets. I don’t really think that’s possible, so here’s a video of Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy answering some fan questions on Moviefone. You’ll be amazed by Miss Piggy’s impressive impressions! (The Mary Sue)


A few weeks ago we learned that tacked on the front of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, excuse me, tacked only on the IMAX copies of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, would be a six to eight minute preview of Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises. I think it’s obvious Ghost Protocol is going to benefit greatly from this little addition because I know many die hard, bat-shit crazy Batman fans will shell out the money to see Ghost Protocol in IMAX only for this Dark Knight Rises’ prologue. Yes, I am most defnitely including myself in that bunch of die hard, bat-shit crazy Batman fans.

Turns out the prologue has a PG-13 rating which has given me and my die-hard, bat-shit crazy companions hope this prologue may actually be worth our time and money. But, that rating is sadly all we know about the short prologue. A PG-13 rating should imply some graphic content, right? Batman enacting some major brutality on unknowing thugs, oh please, pretty please! Something for me to feel justified in spending almost $15 on a movie ticket (Sorry, Ghost Protocol, you just don’t cut it.).If there’s enough going on in the prologue to warrant a PG-13 rating, I’ve got high hopes.

In other Dark Knight Rises news, the Batwing, we know it’s in the movie, we’ve seen plenty of leaked footage of the thing in action but now we get a beautiful ariel shot as it’s parked atop a New York skyscraper. Check it out below, and definetely do yourself a favor and click it to embiggen.

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Great, I was looking for a reason to cough up the dough to see yet another Mission Impossible flick. To add insult to injury this exclusive six minute The Dark Knight Rises prologue will be attached to only the IMAX versions of Ghost Protocol. Will the six minute prologue alone be worth the hefty price of admission?

Warner Bros. doesn’t have any of their own films releasing in IMAX this holiday season so they reached how to Paramount’s Ghost Protocol, clearly looking for the coveted 18-34 demographic. This venture will most likely benefit both films, or rather, insanely boost Ghost Protocol‘s earning ’cause let’s be honest, The Dark Knight Rises preview is the reason you’ll be seeing the film.

The prologue will not only be the first chance to see real footage from The Dark Knight Rises, but also the first chance to see the footage in IMAX. Christopher Nolan has filmed much of his final Batman film in IMAX and I’m sure they’ll be pushing the format as the preferred way to see the film. You’ll get your chance to check it out December 16th, five days before the official release of Ghost Protocol because, wait for it, the IMAX release of Ghost Protocol is five days earlier. Strange, I’m getting this feeling they’re pushing us to see these movies in IMAX. Is it because it’s simply a better way to enjoy movies or could the increased ticket price be behind the decision, hmm?

Will this six minute prologue bring you out to the theatre early? Were you planning to check out Ghost Protocol anyway and this is just icing on the cake? Or will you just wait it out and wait for the footage to leak onto the net? Come on, we all know it will sooner than later.

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Hawkeye Confirmed as New Jason Bourne!

Wow, that was FAST!

It seems that Jeremy Renner, who burst into theaters in The Hurt Locker, has rapidly become the new “it” man.

Universal Pictures announced a short time ago that Renner has officially been cast as the new Jason Bourne in the reboot/prequel entitled The Bourne Legacy!

Director Tony Gilroy originally wanted Oscar Issac from Sucker Punch to star in the film, but thankfully the studio didn’t approve. I’m actually excited for this, as Renner has the action and bad-ass chops to pull it off.

Want proof?

He just finished filming Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol, currently making Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, and he is playing Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye) in Marvel Studios upcoming film The Avengers directed by Joss Whedon.

Do you think of Renner (I’m biased, as I’m a huge Marvel and Hawkeye fan)? Is he up to the task to be be Bourne?

Let us know in the comments!