Mitch Pileggi


The X-Files is a series that thrives on mystery, but ever since a new iteration of the program was announced earlier this year, the big mystery has been when the new season will hit the airwaves. That is aside from the utterly vague “Coming Soon,” of course. Well, this is TV Upfronts week, the time of year when networks announce their slate of new shows for the next TV season and where and when those shows might be viewed. Monday, was Fox‘s turn to announce their fall schedule, and though The X-Files ain’t on it, there is now a release date for the new season. We just have to wait for the end of football season. (more…)

The X Files 2

Earlier this year, Fox executives told critics and TV writers that it was their intention to bring The X-Files back to their airwaves in some capacity. Although the show ended 13 years ago with only one poorly received movie to prop up interest in between, it seemed that seeing an X-Files revival was peaking after the simple announcement that this was something the business guys were looking at. But creator Chris Carter has shown interest, stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have come out in favor, so all that’s left it for everyone to sign their deals, and according to sources, that signing is said to becoming very soon for a two season commitment. (more…)