Production on Wham! will begin soon, and by Wham! we mean Deadpool. (If you don’t understand the reference, we refer you to this article.) While the leading man of the film has been confirmed for some time, Ryan Ryenolds, the rest of the cast, not to mention the parts that they’re going to play, remains a question mark. Well, sort of. A new casting call reveals, if not the actual identities of the characters then what types of actors they are looking to play them. So who will be joining Deadpool in what’s sure to be a bloody and violent (rating pending) big screen adventure full of meta-commentary and other laughs? (more…)

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This week on The Bastardcast: Christmapocalypse Edition, Jason and Jeremy dish on bullpoop Star Wars rumors, Transformers, the pain of Pain and Gain, broken penises, The Imprisonment of the Scar Jo Boob Bandit, faux hawk baby-napper, the gender neutral Easy Bake oven, and the end of the damn world. Plus: A very Jewey Christmas Message from Jason.

All that and more on The Bastardcast, The WalMart of Internet radio humor!


G.R.O.W. is back but only in “lite” form since Tuesday is done and over with. But that shouldn’t stop you from checking out what came out last week and this week as there are a good amount releases that has happen.

Since this will be the  lite edition, only the major console releases has been listed as well as some downloadable game you should check out. G.R.O.W. will be back in its full glory next but for now, check after the jump to see if there is anything coming out that will make your wallets cry!



LLLLLLLLET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!! in the bed (sorry, I’m lame). The folks at Wermma, a site that sales MMA products, got the idea to sell a cage ring bed for the kids. Sure it may not be a bed in a shape of spaceship or cars for us nerds but it’s a frickin’ metal cage. What kind of mindset does a parent have to be in to buy this for their kid.

Of course, if ya don’t have kids and want this for yourself, they do have it available in Full, Queen, and King size as well for some fun night time fun. The cage bed set, mattress not included and the stairs are optional, will cost ya $1249.99 and is currently out of stock. I don’t know about you guys, but if I had this bed, I would be ripping my shirt like Hogan does before I do things with a girl in this bed, that is of course, if she hasn’t left after seeing the bed and also seeing me rip my shirt off.

Source: Gizmodo, Wermma

The Green Ranger Will F%$# You Up

Go Go Power Rangers!!! Jason David Frank, AKA the Green Ranger was apparently not just a pretty boy who could do the Crane Kick..No no no, this boy is fierce (movie quote)!! In his first battle, Frank beat his far more seasoned and experienced by submission. I for one will be paying closer attention to this boys Ultimate Fighting Career now that he’s shown some competence  as a warrior. The following is the article reviewing his bout. (Via Topless Robot)  MMA Weekly:

It wasn’t a perfect beginning for Jason David Frank, but it was a victory nonetheless.

Frank, a former cast member of the hit Power Rangers show in the 1990’s, survived a brutal opening onslaught from opponent Jonathan Mack to score a first-round submission win in his mixed martial arts debut.

Mack landed several hard punches, including one that sent Frank crashing to the canvas. He allowed Frank to return to his feet before taking him back to the ground. Frank, who figured to be more of a technical striker than a submission artist in his debut, quickly pulled Mack into an omo plata for the submission win.