I don’t play MMORPGs. Not only do I have no desire to spend time with social deficients who use the games as an excuse to be galactically sexist, racist and homophobic with total impunity (I know not EVERY gamer is like that–but ENOUGH are), but my pitiful little laptop would have an aneurysm if I tried to run one.

But now, I have a whole new reason to limit my gaming to the offline variety… (more…)


This morning Rockstar Games released the launch trailer for Grand Theft Auto Online. Yes, you read that right. You will now be able to enjoy all the open world sandbox sociopathic behavior you’ve grown to love in a true MMO setting. Basically it is Grand Theft Auto V (which is out on the 17th of September) in muliplayer mode, but it looks like it as the potential to be more. Much more.

Admit it, you have spent hours upon hours with the GTA franchise doing unspeakable acts of mischief and violence. Well, soon you will be able to do that with friends!

Assuming you still have friends… that much time spent hooker stomping and shooting rockets at police helicopters can be hell on a social life.

Check out the trailer and the press release from Rockstar after the jump.  (more…)

An unnamed Chinese man recently purchased an in-game sword as part of an auction for the martial arts themed MMORPG Age of Wulin, set to be released soon in China. How much did he spend (Keep in mind the the value of money is totally relative; at least that’s what I tell myself)? *In Vegeta voice* SIXTEEN THOUSAAAAAND! Fuck…

It’s ridiculous that anyone would spend that amount of money on a game that’s not even out. Regardless, he got it for luxury and status, and because he could.

Age of Wulin is set in medieval China, and based on the folklore surrounding martial arts and the adventurers who practice it. The English version of Age of Wulin is expected to be available, initially as a closed beta shortly after the Chinese open beta in Spring 2012.

Other items sold include a sheath for Hook of Departure—sold for $1,600—and a Lordly Spear Sheath—sold for $2,500.

Via: Geekologie

Ok, I want you to take a breath, relax for a moment and read that headline again.

A player of the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) World of Warcraft reached the highest level you can reach, level 85, without killing anyone. At all. Ever.

According to Geekologie, a Night Elf Restoration Druid named Everbloom has been playing on World of Warcraft’s Feathermoon server, and reach level 85 with only one quest and without killing anyone. This is both an incredible feat, and wholly depressing, don’t you think?

All the player did to reach this level 85 was explore, run, swim, and searching everything in sight. Here’s what the player had to say about it:

Being on the ground and sneaking around mining and herbing and eventually archaeology, going everywhere to get every single point of discovery xp that you can, really gives you a chance to see an amazing world up close and personal. I spent hours swimming around reefs and flying to the farthest reaches of the maps.
If you like to explore, and enjoy a challenge I really REALLY recommend this, I have been playing since day 1 on other characters and I even have an original Loremaster (you know, back when it was hard) and I saw so MANY new things with Everbloom that it really made it worthwhile for me to continue on with this character, and each level was a major achievement!

All I can think of if the episode of South Park entitled “Make Love, Not Warcraft” where the main characters are killed over and over again by someone at a super-high level. So, they spend all their time killing boars to level up. You can watch the amazing montage here.

I imagine the player’s experience with Everbloom was probably similar. What about you?


Give me a P. Give me an A. Give me an X. What does that spell? PAX…you dyslexic sucka duck! YES, the much-anticipated, annual, nerdfest PAX East (a la Penny Arcade) in Boston came, went and totally took advantage of the prime real estate that is my body. I need a breath mint, deodorant and massage from a small Vietnamese woman with mighty – yet gentle- hands (and is up for expected happy ending). For those of you scratching your heads wondering what the hell is PAX East?! First, I’d like to slap you upside the head for being an ignorant douche-canoe. This is our culture. How do you not know about this?!?! OK, here’s a quick run-through: PAX East, is  like a smaller E3, but intended for consumers rather than developers. See, they get a bunch of video game hot shots to show off their hardware, software and um…in some cases hot chicks in tall boots

These boots were made for walkin' and that's just what they'll do, these boots are gonna walk all over you"

"These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you."

Then, they invite the public to hang out and fall in love with all kinds of the latest, greatest gear and games on (or about to enter) the video game scene. Attendees can play games, attend panel sessions about all kinds of cool stuff, see live music and even compete in video game tournaments! Exciting, right? YES! Especially if you like shiny bags of SWAG, the occasional hot chick in costume, new technology, and inspiring speeches.

So now you have a pretty solid idea of what goes on in general. What might not be entirely clear to you is the feeling of “home”. *cue the violin for sappy time* Let’s face it, we as gamers are strange and weird. We typically don’t mesh well with the world outside our own. The acceptance in ordinary society is growing quite rapidly, but how many people in your life truly appreciate and understand your pleasure, your obsession, your escape? While we’re predominantly having too much fun to care, wouldn’t it be nice to be embraced by a collective mutuality? After all, you know gamer friends are the perfect circle of people you always want to hang out with. Why not a sea of thousands, all singing to the tune of “Let’s Play”? Simply put, PAX is your haven. Your heaven. Your home.

Now, onto swamp ass, girls and games.


Review: DC Universe Online


[Editors Note: The following review was done by nerdbastards fan and uber nerdy girlie Sarah Moran. The review is in depth, awesome and a little sexy. For more on Sarah you can check out her blog and follow her on the Twitter @SarahThisIs]

DC Universe Online delivers; be the hero (or villain) you want to be.

Think back to all those years ago when you were running around your neighborhood with friends
pretending to be simply the best retail employee Target had ever seen. Or wait, did you pretend to be
a sub shop employee? Movie theatre usher? Low-level paper pusher of some mind-numbingly big
corporation? No, you didn’t, because that would make you lamest kid on the block. What did you pretend
to be? Super-heroes. Every child, nee ever person has imagined themselves being better than they are
now. Becoming stronger, faster, smarter, whatever improvement you needed to make your life easier or
accomplish a daunting task ahead of you. We’ve all wanted to be “super.”

Breaching those subconscious dreams and aspirations is the newest MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer
Online Role Playing Game), the brainchild of Sony Online Entertainment and DC Comics, DC Universe
. A game that delivers on your dream of being a super-hero (or villain, you might have been
a twisted little child, you sick bastard) and gives you the best place to strut your super skills, the DC
landscape. Other super-hero MMOs have come before, but none of them have had the name recognition
of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman or the Joker. These are icons to nerds far and wide, big enough
to herald the first successful MMO on a console? It’s sure looking that way with DC Universe Online
selling like hotcakes around the country. John Smedley, President of SOE tweeted on Jan 24th, “People
are asking what the PS3 / PC split is on sales. It’s 52% PS3 and 48% PC.” Who’d of thunk it? And once
you get passed the fact that serious journalists like myself are getting important data from a twitter feed
you have to ask yourself, an MMORPG that’s selling well on the same console that brought me God of
War III, should I check this game out?



Holy crap folks, if this is real then it would mean WoW players will be able to go outside and… keep playing WoW (at least this way, they will be able to get some sun and fresh air). What you see above is Panasonic’s Jungle. With a full QWERTY keyboard, touchpad, d-pad, and shoulder buttons, it aims to bring portable online PC games on the go. What kind of games you ask? Well, it seems that it has enough juice to power MMORPG’s and many of Zynga games (you know, FarmVille).

Other rumored info on the portable device is that it will partner with a phone carrier for the 3G capabilities, it may be able to run Linux, and will have a HDMI port since it apparently supports hi-def graphics. As of now, it’s rumored to have a $400 price point and no release window has been set.

What do y’all think about this? Will this be just as successful as the Nintendo DS or will it fall like the gaming taco did, the N-Gage. If this does come out and do what it says it does, it’ll be amazing but the price is a bit much, especially who knows what the 3G pay options will be. Tell us what you think about the Jungle by leaving a comment after the break.

Source: Destructoid, Gizmodo

From A To Z, The Geek Alphabet


In March, we posted an alphabet that was just pure epic and just last week, we had Wolverine teaching us the ABCs. Now, from the fine folks from Geeks are Sexy (yes, geeks can be sexy), we get there take on the alphabet. From Star Trek to technology to video games and to TV, this alphabet will surely have something to put a smile on your face. Check out the whole alphabet after the jump. Hey, at this rate, just have your kids come to our site to learn their ABCs and more likely their English will be WAYS better than my ESL ass. (more…)


Yes folks, your eyes is not deceiving you. That is World of Warcraft being streamed on the iPad, which will give gamers the chance to play WoW outside of their house or while doing some “duty” in the bathroom. If this does work well, I would be really impressed with the iPad’s ability as this may open up other games to be playable on this platform. My only problem would be the internet connection, I’ve been hearing some people having a sort of disconnection problem with the wi-fi only iPad and we all hear stories of how AT&T 3G is. If anyone can get this working well, it might as well be Blizzard, seeing how Activision loves the money. What do ya guys think, you think this is possible and would be an instant buy or will there be problems that would prevent ya from playing this?

Source: Destructoid,

DB01Digimon, Digital Monsters, Digimon are the Champions! When Digimon came out, I was obsessed, got the Digital pet as I thought finally a boy version of Tamagotchi came out. I played the card game, watched 4 out of the 5 anime series, and collected the figures, all while being obsessed with Pokemon at the same time. Last week, WeMade brought its Korean made Digimon MMORPG to America as Digimon Battle and I got into the Beta. The Open Beta is of course free and one can go here to join. If you would like to know what your putting your self into before you go on and do some adventures in the Digital World, maybe this post will help you decide if it’s worth your time or not. Now join me, as go on to the Digital World after the jump. (more…)