The Walt Disney Company has gone to tremendous pain to make sure their upcoming animated film Moana is true to the South Pacific legend it’s based on, and is appropriate and culturally sensitive. But as they do, Disney shot itself in the foot (proverbially speaking) when, last week, they unveiled the Halloween costume based on one of the movie’s characters, the demigod Maui voiced by Dwayne Johnson. Many people have accused Disney of promoting “brownface” for the full body suit recreation of Maui’s tattoo-covered build, and now the company is confessing that they’ve screwed up and are pulling the costumes. (more…)


In social justice news, Disney is under fire today for another public outcry revolving around its upcoming film Moana. While many are happy to see Disney’s first ever film featuring a Polynesian Princess, activists have taken umbrage with the film’s insensitive depiction of Maui peoples – choosing to illustrate the film’s lead characters in a rubenesque body type. As if citing Disney for racial stereotyping wasn’t enough, the house of mouse just got whacked with a collective “Oh no they didn’t”, thanks to selling a questionable Halloween costume of one of the movie‚Äôs characters. (more…)


Later this week, Disney and Pixar will debut their latest collaboration, Finding Dory. It will likely be a hit because what has Disney made lately that hasn’t been a hit? (Films featuring Johnny Depp in heavy mack-up notwithstanding.) Of course, Finding Dory is a sequel, but how about something a bit more original? How about something from another brand name that means quality in the annals of Disney animation? The trailer for Moana dropped Sunday night, and it promises all the fun and adventure that’s synonymous with Disney, as well as a heaping helping of Dwayne Johnson as a demigod with a magical hook. (more…)