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Back in early December, there were reports about an amusement park over at Chengdu Guosetianxiang, China was building their own “original design” (my ass) statue to brighten the place up and to get more sales during the holiday season.

Then about a week later, after many accusations of the statue looking like a Gundam, the entire thing was taken out and was later reported that the park stated that it “never existed.”

Here we are more than a month later and the statue is up out of no where with its “completely original design.” And by original, it seems they just added a bunch of fucking horns and spikes. Seriously China? This still looks like a Gundam but now more of a legit bootleg version of it or one that went through an old punk makeover. How about next time, just not make a giant robot.

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Early last week, it was reported that a Gundam statue was being built at a park in Chengdu Guosetianxiang, China. It was being built to “light” Christmas up for the folks around the area.

Well, now the park is denying that the statue ever existed and has removed the entire thing from the park, including the pictures from its site. This happened after the head of the tall monument was suddenly covered when reports of some sort of a copyright lawsuit emerged on the web.

So let’s go over the whole situation. Some park wanted to make a bootleg statue in order to bring revenue to the park. When told it looked like a Gundam statue, the park claimed that it was a “completely original” (sure it was) design and that it was by accident if it looked similar to a Gundam design. Then they covered the head in order to do some “modification” to prevent a lawsuit to happen and now it’s completely gone.

Did we learn something new today? No, nothing at all other than maybe asking permission to use another person’s work in order to benefit from it. This should be something that is done before wasting any sort of money. Unless you’re doing it on the internet since everything gets stolen on the web.

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Earlier this year, the folks over at Japan built a life size Gundam statue because, well, they can and the 18 meter (about 59 ft.) monument has been hit over there. It seems China wanted some of that glory and decided to build one as well.

The orange Gundam shown above will be about 15 meter (about 49 ft.) tall and the folks of Chengdu Guosetianxiang is hoping that this will brighten the area up for Christmas. While calling it bootleg may be mean, the whole orange color to it makes it look like one.

Which leaves me to ask, when will America build some sort of freakin’ tall statue of something!?! C’mon, we need to compete and show them that we can build something just as big. What do y’all say? What do you think America needs to build in order to compete with the Gundam monuments?

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It seems that Bandai wants Linkin Park to be mashed up with another anime series (first being the countless of Linkin Park/DBZ music videos) as it seems that Japan will be getting a 30th Anniversary Gundam Plastic Model that was specially designed by the band. What’s the connection you ask? Well, it seems that the upcoming arcade game, Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs., will feature the song “The Catalyst,” that is from the bands new album. Of course, I’m sure some of you people will remember that in the “Somewhere I Belong” music video, it featured many Gundam plastic models.

Will the Gundam model come over stateside? Who knows but it’s been cool to see that Gundam has been getting some love from musicians, such as Andrew W.K. releasing a full Gundam anime cover album over in Japan. You think these type of things only work in Japan or do you think something like this will work in America?

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This hand of mine is burning red! Its loud roar tells me to grasp victory! Erupting God Finger!!! So yeah, G Gundam was my favorite Gundam series since it mixed shonen and giant robots together, which eventually led to me start building Gundam models. I was more into the Super Deformed set since it was more cartoonish and at the local Asian mart, it was the cheapest set available.  If I have one bad memory of building the Gundam kits were those annoying frames/part trees would sometimes snap under my chubby fingers and hurt me.

Well, it seems some people has found some use with those left over plastic parts and after 250 hours, they successfully built a RX-78-2 Gundam model (the one that Amuro Ray uses) that is about 10 ft. It’s very impressive that they built such a large Gundam out of those frames. Check after the jump for some more pics and imagine what you could built with left over parts.

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