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Who here remembers the Star Wars kid? Well, it seems like the folks from Beat Down Boogie did as they made this clip in order to entertain there fans. If you haven’t heard of them, they are behind the Modern War Gear Solid videos, which follows the epic adventure of Metal Gear Solid’s Snake and Moder Warfare’s Ghost. While Snake was busy being the keyboard cat, I think seeing Ghost spinning around and showing off his staff/beat stick skill is quite hilarious. Check the video out and give Beat Down Boogie a chance by going to their site.

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I’m not a big into online multiplayer in my games because I suck and when I do win, I get accused of cheating because they believe I have a turbo button controller and there is no way I can be pressing buttons so fast. It’s all the training in my wrist by practice, with you know…gaming. Anyways, thats to youtube, people are able to record and show their awesome kills in videogames. Some of them are good, some are stupid, and a few are just epic. This video here, that features a kill one GuN1t123 has submitted to, shows how much time he had and also how broken the multiplayer is on MW2 but either way, its worth the watch. By a throw of a grenade at a certain spot, it chains into many explosion that leads to a 45 kill streak. It’s beautiful in it’s own way. Check the video after the jump to see this awesome kill and see if you can do it. (more…)


At 12:01am eastern standard time on the tenth of November, 2009 the year of our lord, I signed on for another tour of duty in the Modern Warfare world.  As I opened the packaging and booted up my Xbox all I kept thinking was, “Is this going to be worth the epic level of hype that it has built for itself?” Now that I have logged fifteen plus hours into the single player campaign and well over thirty into the Special Ops and mutiplayer modes I can say without any reservations…Fucking A yes it was! Simply put, Infinity Ward sets the bar so high with this game, that all FPS to follow will have quite an undertaking if they’re to match up with what Modern Warfare 2 has to offer.


I’ve never really been a fan of first-person shooters, but the awesomeness of this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 clip is making me reconsider. In what amounts to a “Hail Mary” pass for gamers, a player was able to fling his throwing knife over a house to nail a soldier and score the victory. Better yet, it was totally a freak-out throw that just happened to land on the soldier — nothing about this could be considered strategy.

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Modern Warfare 2 may be one of the most anticipated games ever but it’s not without it’s controversy. To begin with Infinity Ward has gained a lot of flack over the infamous “airport scene”. Basically, in the game you can play as terrorists and go postal on civilians in an airport. Now I’m a pretty debaucheries, in-sensitive guy but ah…..ya that’s kind of crossing the line for me. Look at a picture of the aftermath from that airport scene and tell me that doesn’t shake you a little bit.(After the jump) With that said, when I play the game I will just to not play that aspect of the game, it is a choice. Now the bigger issue here is that freedom of choice is being taken away from German players. In the German version of Modern Warfare 2, you will not be allowed to kill the civilians. You can certainly shoot at them, but doing so will grant you a game over screen. While other versions will give players the option to play this controversial scene however they want, the German edition makes the decision for you. As far as I know there has been no statement made in defense by Germany’s game rating board. Personally I think Germany just has a strict gaming laws, especially when it comes to unnecessary acts of violence. Considering Germany’s past and their attempts distance themselves from it they are just a little over sensitive. However,whatever your thoughts are on this it‘s just not the governments place to have or enforce morality. Nuff said.

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Gamestop’s executive vice president for merchandising and marketing Tony Bartel revealed that next week’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be a record-breaking one for his company, stating “the number of pre-order reservations we’ve taken for the game is the highest for any title we’ve ever sold in our 6,200 store network.”

I’m curious if these supposed numbers are really because of fan interest or because of Gamestop asking it’s customers to pre-order the HELL of it? Also, this is all well and good, but what’s the point of purchasing from a company that just wants you to trade the game in a month later anyway?

The Top 10 Games of E3

These are thus far the most anticipated games brought forth by their companies  to be showcased at the event. I don’t know who agrees or disagrees, but the list has been brought forth with some heavy hitters coming out in the next year or so. Thanks to GameInformer (more…)