Every time news pops up concerning Guillermo del Toro, it seems as if it’s about him taking on yet another new project.  This time is no different and in truth I’m surprised the man hasn’t imploded by now.  He’s finishing up Pacific Rim, has a sequel planned for that one, has his Crimson Peak ghost story to direct and, if rumors are true, his adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness is back in play.  The newest project, however, is in television, as del Toro will be teaming with HBO to bring Monster to your TV set.

Monster will adapt a manga series of the same name written by Naoki Urasawa.  Del Toro’s involvement includes co-writing the adaptation with the help of Doctor Who and Sherlock writer Steven Thompson, as well as taking the director’s chair for the pilot and acting as one of the executive producers on the show.  Hopefully this won’t impact any of his other projects.

The story of Monster, for those of you unfamiliar is about…

…the worldwide search by a young doctor for the most evil sociopath that has ever lived. He is a 12-year old boy, and the doctor’s decision to save his life has unwittingly unleashed a Pandora’s Box that leaves the doc battling to stop a plot of mass genocide.


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The artist formally known as Harry Potter continues to try new things on stage and on screen as Variety is reporting today that Daniel Radcliffe was signed up to join a new production of Frankenstein, but not as either the monster or the titular doctor. Instead, Radcliffe will play Igor in the new film written by Max Landis (World War Z) and directed by Paul McGuigan (Lucky Number Slevin).

So why Igor? As Landis explained in an earlier interview in 2011, Igor is actually the main character in his Frankenstein. Here’s what Landis had to say about his approach to the material:

I began to pick apart our knowledge of Frankenstein and discovered that the public’s idea of this myth comes from a million different places…I became committed to recontextualizing it all so it all worked in one story. By the end of the day, yeah it’s a period piece, yes it’s from Igor’s perspective, but man it’s cool….it’s the best thing I’ve written.

Landis’ Frankenstein is set-up at 20th Century Fox and is expected to begin shooting this fall after Radcliffe finishes his run in the theatrical Cripple of Inishmaan.

More news as it develops.

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Well damn.

Since San Diego Comic-Con, I’ve heard from a handful of people who got to see the PAC RIM footage in Hall H and the one word that kept dribbling out of their lucky faces was “epic” — now, after seeing the first trailer, I can only concur and weep because this film looks beautiful.

Directed by Guillermo del Toro, the movie stars Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, some the extra big-assed robots, and a few amazing monster aliens (or alien monsters) that have come from another dimension via a portal that lives in the part of the sea where Spongebob ain’t.

What more can I say? This looks like the kind of movie that filmmakers dream about making when they’re kids and the kind of technical spectacle that people get into the business to pursue.

Granted it’s only a trailer, but in del Toro’s hands, I know there will be something underneath the extremely impressive surface and I feel no need to be apprehensive or restrict the sweet, natural flow of my fanboy love and adoration.

This movie looks like it’s made of stars, I want to ride a unicorn to the screening and have the world’s first multiple orgasm solely by way of visual stimulation and I think we’re all gonna have that same reaction and experience that magic together. So check out the trailer and get your foreplay on, cause we’re cancelling the apocalypse y’all!

Pacific Rim comes out on July 13, 2013.


J. J. Abrams created some pretty crazy things back in 2008. His series Fringe was taking Fox and Sci-Fi T.V. for the start of a wonderful ride. In theater however,  people were treated to a first-person, disaster-monster film that made people say “OMG”. Giving North America it’s own Godzilla that couldn’t be destroyed by the government or anything that was thrown at it. Yeah it wasn’t real original but it made tons of money. Since then, folks have been waitin’ and wondering if will get a sequel. As of right now….there hasn’t been even a weird, confusing trailer hidden under a secret title or some page of the internet. However director Matt Reeves has been telling people the sequel will happen. It might not be this year but it’ll be out……one day.

How do you stop what can’t be killed?

In an interview with Total Film magazine, Reeves, who just so happened to be the director of Cloverfield spoke about a future sequel.

“At the moment we are talking about the story quite a lot. Drew Goddard, who wrote the original, is going to pen the sequel, and J.J. Abrams is very much involved. However, the three of us have been so busy that getting the right idea together has been taking a long time.”

On top of not being able to zero out any time to just sit down together and work out a story properly, they also have the issue of how to film the movie. With the first one being a hand-held affair, the problem aeries as to how can they repeat the one camera shot and not tarnish what made the first so good. “We want it to be shot like the first, but how can you continue that idea successfully for a second time?”

With Reeves himself just finishing his directing for Let Me In, Goddard in the middle of writing Robopocalypse and Abrams directing Super 8, coming out this summer, next it looks like 2011 won’t be another year of shaky camera angles and night-vision. How sad.

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Why is everyone thinking outside of the box nowadays? Doesn’t anybody want to be in the box….heheh…anyways I just received word via Daily Finance that a new company wants you to slow your roll. Yes- the anti Redbull!! The Coffee Killers!!! The Monster Slayers!!! These motherfuckas are trying to take down our jittery, caffeinated lives to calm and relaxed! How can we stay up all night writing useless shit?! Or playing Warcraft?! Or The Force Unleashed?! Huh!? Some of us NB’s (cough cough*Christine*) are pretty much vampires! Here is their claim:

Promising a “vacation in a bottle” or an “acupuncture session in every can,” makers of anti-energy drinks, as they’re known, say that after bailouts, foreclosures and Ponzi schemes, Americans nowadays would rather chill out than tweak out. To help us do so, they’re spiking their new beverages with ingredients such as chamomile, melatonin, and valerian root — all known for their supposed calming effects. Now in convenience-store display cases across America, drinks with names like Slow Cow, Ex Chill and Malava Relax are increasingly jockeying for space with their amped-up alter-egos like Jolt, Monster and Rockstar.

So here is the twist. I’m magic. I know what the future beholds. All this means for the over stuffed Energy Market is a balance in the Force…THE DARK SIDE! RedBull in the morning to get your draggin’ ass up and up, then some “RELAXATION” drink at the end of the day to calm down and chill out…But we all know something here at NerdBastards…These new Hippie Drinks, will never, NEVER EVA EVA EVA EVA!!!!!! Replace most people’s number one.


Domo Arigato, Mr. Robo…Gigantor!

Robo 1

And so the time has come when Japan has created a monster…well, at least a giant statue of a robot….close enough. The 1.5 million-dollor statue is now complete and is stand on its own. At 60 feet tall and weighing in at 50 tons, I hope to god this creature stays put. I would love to see Boston build something like this…right in the middle of Faneuil Hall. Thanks Gizmodo.
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