Moose Jaws

yoga hosers

One of Kevin Smith‘s recent slew of bizarre projects, Yoga Hosers is the second in Smith’s True North horror comedy trilogy. It appears betweern 2014’s Tusk and the bluntly titled Moose Jaws, which is due to begin shooting in the summer time of this year. The movie has already premiered at the Sundance Film Festival of January 2016 and now has an official release date for broader distribution, as the debut piece of new production company Invincible Pictures. (more…)

Kevin Smith, left, and Jason Mewes arrive at the L.A. Batman Live Premiere on Thursday Sept. 27, 2012, at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles. (Photo by Todd Williamson/Invision for Warner Bros./AP Images)

It is fairly common knowledge now that everyone hates Kevin Smith. People hate his stupid movies. People hate his stupid attitude. People hate his stupid voice. People hate his stupid beard. People hate Kevin Smith, is the point. Look at the comments of any article centering on Smith and you’re bound to find comments criticizing his movies or his face or his beard or whatever else people may complain about in comment sections. Yes, it would be easy to get caught up in the tsunami of hate that is swelling off the coast of Kevin Smith, who is now a beachfront metropolis to make this clumsy analogy work.

The point is, the coastal city of Kevin Smith may not make sense to you. It may be weird or disturbing. Maybe you loved it at first, but as you spent more time there, you realized that it wasn’t home. Regardless, there are countless millions who do enjoy the coastal city of Kevin Smith and many more who would enjoy a return trip, if only they would make the time. Whatever group you fall into, there’s no sense in joining the tsunami of hate, because tsunamis only destroy and kill people. That’s why a wall had to be erected against the tsunami. That’s why this article is written in defense of Kevin Smith.


Kevin Smith Is Killing Off Silent Bob


Kevin Smith. Either you love the guy or you hate him.  For years, the director has been polarizing audiences with his particular brand of humor and directing style but most would agree that his greatest movie was also his first big screen outing as a director: 1994’s Clerks.  While the movie’s plot is a bit simple, i.e. a day in the life of a convenience store clerk who is working on his day off and his video store clerk best friend, the real meat of the film is in the hilarious dialogue and the various characters that stop by the store throughout the day.  Clerks introduced the world to Kevin Smith and, almost as importantly, also introduced the world to Jay (played to perfection by Jason Mewes) and his hetero life-mate, Silent Bob (played by Kevin Smith). Well, if the director is to be believed, it appears at least one of those characters shall meet his demise very soon. (more…)


Remember when Kevin Smith said that he had one movie left and he was quitting filmmaking? No, I don’t think he does either because all he talks about these days is all the new movies he has on the go. His proclamation about retiring came around the time of Red State‘s release in 2012, and since then he’s released Tusk, wrapped Yoga Hosers, and is prepping the much ballyhooed Clerks III. But is there room in Smith’s schedule for another journey back to the ViewAskewniverse? Perhaps there’s a certain group of shopping center irregulars who demand some attention 20 years after the fact? Yes, not so subtlety, Smith is talking about Mallrats 2. (more…)


Jaws is one of those movies that spawned a few sequels that never came close to being as good as the original no matter how hard they tried.  Very few people would ever dream of rebooting the franchise at this point, though plenty of shark movies have attempted to repeat the success of Jaws, always without success.  In a recent interview with WSJ, Kevin Smith, who can afford to smoke the GOOD stuff, was asked if he believed we would ever see a reboot.  Not only did he answer but he had a pretty insane idea of where the reboot could go. Oh, Kevin, you never cease to amaze me. (more…)