Morena Baccarin


Yeah, you read that right. None other than Captain Kirk himself has signed on to perhaps one of the odder projects he’s been involved with, and in doing so steps into the world of crowd-funded entertainment. Along with genre favourites Morena Baccarin, Ray Wise and Bill Moseley, Malevolent is currently seeking funding for post-production with a release planned for later this year.  (more…)


If you’re a Deadpool fan living in the Big Apple then we’ve got a special treat to tell you about. If you don’t, like this Southern NerdBastard, then we’ve got a special treat to tease you about. Mike’s Harder Lemonade is sponsoring a Deadpool Beauty Pageant & early screening of Tim Miller‘s Deadpool. That’s right, not only can you strut your stuff down the runway, afterwards you can enjoy the superhero movie that is breaking all the rules a full four days before all your friends. Think of the torture you can inflict on those poor unfortunates that don’t get in. (more…)


DC is on the brink of unleashing the DC Extended Universe on the big screen, but they’ve been killing the direct-to-video animation for a while now. In 2014, DC released the hard-hitting Son of Batman, which was generally well received. It was followed in 2015 by Batman vs. Robin. This year, the animated series will continue with Batman: Bad Blood. The main voice cast is back, including Morena Baccarin who seems to be vying for the crown of Queen of All Nerds. There is new information about this explosive movie, including a sneak peek at the first six minutes and news of a well-known character from Batman lore who will be introduced in this movie! Needless to say, spoilers ahead.


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The Deadpool media blitz continues to build as the marketing powers that be over at FOX set their sights on making Deadpool a February blockbuster. The latest attempts to link Deadpool to Valentines Day are providing fans with some funny material in the form of posters and television spots. The latest TV spot, aired during the College Football Championship (Roll Tide!) game last night showed just the right amount of Deadpool madness that might just get some football fans into the theaters come February. If that wasn’t enough, now Florida has provided some additional Deadpool media material in the form of two Deadpool Hoodie wearing ATM thieves. (more…)


Gotham season one was a success for Fox, the Batman-prequel series brought in enough viewers to guarantee not just a full-season order, but an early renewal for the second season. But while audiences seem to be at least satisfied with what Gotham‘s doings, critical and fan reaction has been decidedly mixed. If there is a gripe to be had that’s universal, it’s the series’ obsession with skating on the hype of doing prequel versions of every last single member of Batman’s rogues gallery, but there’s still some members who haven’t got their time in the spotlight yet. On deck for season two, according to the producers, The Joker and Mr. Freeze. (more…)


As Deadpool continues principle photography in Vancouver Canada, including shutting down the Georgia Street Viaduct (Bridge) from April 5th through the 18th, we’re sure to get more set pictures from fans as well as Ryan Reynolds and others involved in the production. This time around we get a closer look at the scarred face of Wade Wilson, T.J. Miller in his new Weasel hair-do, and Morena Baccarin on set, although covered up in a jacket. (more…)


Man, when things get rolling in Hollywood, they sure get rolling!  It’s only been about seven months since 20th Century Fox announced that they would be moving forward with a new Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as the Merc with a Mouth.  Now, thanks to a couple of tweets from the stars of the new film, we have confirmation that Deadpool is officially filming. (more…)


We can look forward to a lot of updates from Ryan Reynolds about the upcoming Deadpool movie. He’s certainly not shied away from keeping fans informed and pumped up to see the Merc-with-a-Mouth on the big screen, tweeting pictures of the costume production and commenting on the script and others working on the project. This time around Reynolds once again addresses those hard-core, die-hard Deadpool fans. (more…)