Looking back on the summer of 2014, Godzilla was indeed one of the success stories, but it’s debatable as to whether it was the big hit the studio wanted it to be. At the same time, there’s also a question as to whether or not the style and tone brought to the production by director Gareth Edwards outweighed the weaker story and character elements, and whether or not those two desperate aspects might be balanced for the sequel. Well, what ever may come in the franchise, we know one thing for certain: the date that Godzilla 2 will be released. And when will that be? Read on. (more…)


When the latest incarnation of Godzilla was announced, there was an understandable amount of trepidation concerning the project. After the last Godzilla movie, everyone expected yet another disaster of epic (and expensive) proportions. But the new Godzilla was met with mostly positive reactions and brought in a fair bit of cash. So naturally, Legendary Pictures is looking to capitalize on that and continue the franchise. Today at SDCC, Gareth Edwards announced that Godzilla 2 is indeed coming. What’s more, the movie will feature a plethora of the big lizard’s classic enemies. Read on for some serious name dropping. (more…)


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ABOVE: If you’ve been paying attention to my other Nerdy Bits columns, you probably know that I love steampunk. You also probably know that Jean Grey is my spirit animal. So, this cosplay featuring two corseted X-Men, including my favorite fellow ginger Phoenix, is making me drool, big time! Photo by Ron McKitrick. [Fashionably Geek]



Anatomical diagrams are fascinating looks of a species from the skin all the way to muscle and bone. They allow countless individuals to understand the wonders of a perfectly balanced and natural biological system.

But, what if the animals aren’t natural? How would bones and muscles be organized in mythical creatures, such as the king of all monsters, Godzilla?

Apparently, back in 1967, a book came out to answer all those questions, aptly entitled “An Anatomical Guide to Monsters,” by Shoji Otomo and illustrated by Shogo Endo.

However, unless you can read Japanese, the pictures (located below the jump) are completely incomprehensible. Someone needs to translate them … work your magic Internet!

Still., they are very cool to look at.

I mean, who knew that Gamera had (what appears to be) four different stomachs?