Mr. Freeze


Gotham‘s fall finale airs tonight on Fox, which means this is the last time you’ll be able to thrill to the improbable pre-Batman adventures in Gotham City until the show returns in February. To that end, we’re not going to talk here about the demented plan to sacrifice Bruce Wayne so that Theo Galavan can be king of the world or whatever the hell is going on there. No, let’s get back on track with what Gotham does best: introduce fully formed Batman villains decades before they’re supposed to appear as the Dark Knight’s adversaries. In this case, we’re talking about Mr. Freeze. (more…)


Fox‘s Gotham certainly hasn’t shied from bringing as many of Batman’s villains into the series as they can. One would almost consider it an overload of villains, but at least Gotham is not just throwing them at us full-bore, but rather developing those characters slowly over time as back ground bits. This time around Gotham has added Victor Fries or better known as Mr. Freeze to the ever-growing list of Gotham‘s Batman Villains. Who will be trying to put the freeze on Gotham? Hopefully without all those horrible Joel Schumacher puns… (more…)


Gotham season one was a success for Fox, the Batman-prequel series brought in enough viewers to guarantee not just a full-season order, but an early renewal for the second season. But while audiences seem to be at least satisfied with what Gotham‘s doings, critical and fan reaction has been decidedly mixed. If there is a gripe to be had that’s universal, it’s the series’ obsession with skating on the hype of doing prequel versions of every last single member of Batman’s rogues gallery, but there’s still some members who haven’t got their time in the spotlight yet. On deck for season two, according to the producers, The Joker and Mr. Freeze. (more…)


The highly anticipated new series Gotham is already promising to go into excruciating detail about the origins of many members of Batman’s rogues gallery. The Penguin, The Riddler and Catwoman all already have a part to play in the show, and so far only the pilot’s been shot. The producers have also alluded to another big bad saying that “the seeds for Joker have been planted” in the series set-up. So are we to take this as an indication that every Dark Knight villain is going to get an origin story in Gotham? According to series director and executive producer Danny Cannon, the answer is maybe. (more…)

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Na na na na na na na na, Batgirls! – Well, one Batgirl and a Robin anyways, but a single Stephanie Brown. We here at Nerd Bastards HQ love the work of Lynne Yoshii, having featured her here several times before, but featuring the former Spoiler turned third Batgirl with her past self is pretty damn cool. When your originally a three-issue deal and you become one of the biggest female characters in comics you know your doing something right. [Comics Alliance]

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We have to wait a little longer to see Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises, and NerdBastards’ Matthew Jackson is dealing with the wait by filling his head with as many other Batman tales as possible. In the six weeks leading up to the flick’s release, he’ll be revisiting all six Batman franchise films so far (yes, even the crap ones) and writing retrospective essays on what worked, what didn’t, and what each film means to the franchise at large.

And here we are at the end of the most painful part of this retrospective. I relived the Schumacher era and survived, so now it’s time to talk about the last tragic installment in this chapter of the Batman’s cinematic saga: Batman & Robin. It’s one of the most universally loathed films in history, and managed to knock the Dark Knight’s movie franchise flat for an eight-year stretch. It’s the reason Joel Schumacher‘s name is still met with scowls when you mention him around fanboys (though in his defense, he’s made some pretty decent movies since), and it’s still the biggest blemish on George Clooney‘s career. But just as I was surprised last week that I hate Batman Forever for a different reason than most people, I was surprised this week with a revelation about Batman & Robin: I actually find it less terrible than its predecessor.



Hey look, it’s another set of poster art and it’s full of superheroes that people love. Mark Grambau, who has said that he himself has an unhealthy obsession of superheroes, got his art on with these simple yet awesome silhouette poster art. By using some colors, a quote, and the silhouette of the character, Grambau was able to show just who are these superheroes and what they’re about. Check after the jump to see if your favorite character got their own silhouette poster and also, head over to Grambau’s website to check out his other art/project.

Source: Comics Alliance, Mark Grambau’s Website (more…)