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Surprise! It’s an all-new episode with your favorite podcast personalities that aren’t actually famous or Chris Hardwick. Since last we left our plump buddies, Jeremy has become a totally hairless karate master and Jason has watched Double Dragon and subsisted on beard leavings. Enough foreplay, here’s what you’re getting yourself into: (more…)

He ain't jumpin' outta no plane.

He ain't jumpin' outta no plane.

Back in our parents’ day, there was a song called “A Town Without Pity.” It was a decent song, but I kept wondering why someone WOULDN’T want pity? Having pity means that Mr. T is around, with his pitying every fool he meets! So in honor of his “jibbah jabbah,” enjoy these 11… no, 12… no, 13 clips from Mr. T’s television appearances.


Ahhh Kill It!!! Mr. T and E.T.’s Baby


Lets pretend for a minute that Mr. T has a thing for aliens and that E.T. is actually a female with an attraction to large, black men with a lot of bling. If these two met in some bizarre 80’s, alternate timeline and had some really nasty, human on alien sex what do you suppose their offspring would look like? If you envisioned anything like the picture above then you are one sick bastard. Nobody should ever have to think of such things. I blame the limey fucks from myconfinedspace who are responsible for this atrocity. You’ve ruined any and all adoration we have for two of the most beloved 80’s icons…Dammit! Although this picture disturbs me beyond words I must give kudos to some well used photoshop skills, well done! Now get out of here and never do an 80’s icon, baby mash up ever again!