Mr. Terrific


When Echo Kellum signed up to play Curtis Holt in the fourth season of the CW’s Arrow, comic book fans were excited because of Curtis’ superhero alterego, Mr. Terrific. Now it would be wrong to say that if the last season of Arrow fell apart it was because Kellum never got to suit of as Terrific, but it was kind of disappointing that it never happened. Prepare to make amends! As inferred in the Comic Con sizzle reel for Arrow season five, Curtis will be one of a number of new heroes being trained by Oliver Queen, and the actor promises, “The mask is happening this year. […] You can definitely expect it in the first nine.” (more…)


Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in. Of course, you didn’t really think Arrow was out, did you? Oliver Queen may have hung up his quiver at the end of season three, but since the CW renewed the show for a fourth season, it opened the inevitable return of the Emerald Archer to punish those that have failed Starling City. But since they made a pretty big deal about Oliver walking away, he’s going to need an outfit that says, “Yeah, I quit, but now I’m back and I mean business.” Et voila! This evening, the new Arrow outfit was revealed to the crowd come to hear about Arrow at San Diego Comic Con. (more…)